Thursday, July 31, 2008

birthday presents

everyone is asking me what i want for my birthday. my answer money or things for my kitchen. i need a good knife set and a 12 or 14 " frying pan that is all stainless steel ( chef's quaility )i am not picky over brands but i DO NOT want a non stick coating on the frying pan. why you ask? several reasons 1 i own an 8 and 10 inch pan that are all stainless steel and can go from stove top to oven that i love. 2 every pan with non stick coating i have ever used no matter how good looses the coating over time. 3 who knows what the chemicals in that coating are doing to your body. as for knives again i'm not picky over brands i just would like to have a set of knives that are not really old hand me downs that are mismatched. although my current collections is unique just dull. my only other request for my birthday is a baby on the way and as timing goes i will know a week from friday if i am pregers. if not we will try again next month.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 days

and counting.
is this week over yet?? it is only tuesday and i feel like i have been here for a week already. i need to find some new entertainment for work to make the day go faster
any ideas???

Monday, July 28, 2008


she is turning 65. WOW officialy old enough for social security and medicare. also a reminder that my birthday is coming up fast. oh and my brother's (he just had to come the day before my birthday). my family likes to clump birthdays and anniversaries. between the begining of july and the end of august there are 14birthdays (including mine) and 4 anniversaries. the number keeps growing so i can hardly remember them all. i know i am getting old but my cousins keep having kids and getting married in the summer and i loose track.
since mine is coming up i have had a wish list for my birthday for years that the top 3 are finally be within my reach. what are they?? marriage kids and a house. i don't even care what order. since we are looking at houses and trying to get pregnant it looks i will be getting 2 out of 3 for sure before the end of the year or sooner (keep your fingers crossed). so let the count down begin 13 days until my birthday . yeah!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

hurray for friday

now hurry up and be over. this has been the longest day ever. it is the middle of summer so my work is slow. i am enjoying the slower pace but not the boredom that comes with it. there isn't even any tv to catch up on. wah wah i know stop crying many people would love to be bored at work.
i am looking forward to this weekend we are going to look at a house and we are pre approved for a mortgage. so wish us luck i really want a house but i am going to hate packing up to move and all the hoops we need to jump through before settlement. still it is great that we can get out of the apartment we are in right now. it is not to small just not ideal for having a dog. i can't wait to be able to open the door and let winnie go out and not have to go with her every time. since my dog has to go every 1-1/2 to 2 hours that will be the best part of home ownership. also being able to do what ever i want to the walls and floors without worring about losing my security deposit.
the rest of the weekend we have nothing to do and i plan to keep it that way i want to lounge by the pool and read on sunday with nothing to do. it will be the first weekend in over a month with little or no plans. oh heaven!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wednesday again

now that yesterday is over i am feeling bad to normal again. i was so happy to see the end of the day and get some sleep. although nothing bad happened i really hate feeling so out of it.
we are still house and mortgage hunting so no real news on that front but hopefully this weekend we will work on making a baby since that is prime time. hehe
not much else is going on today i am hoping for a nice quiet day at work and then taking winnie to my parents while i go to my other job. see you tomorrow

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm having a blonde day

yes i am blonde. naturally into my 20's and now by choice. usually i am not the typical blonde but today is going to be one of those days, i can tell. i am tired after getting to bed late last night so my blondness is coming out and it is not even 9 am yet. when i got up this morning i heard the low battery beeping on my cell phone so i plugged it into the charger. i need to make several calls today and would rather use my phone than the work phone. of course it is still in the charger at home and i am at work. i need to make several calls and i have written them all down so i don't forget who i have to call(that took 15 min of wracking my brain and i still think i am missing one i need to make). i know i will spend then rest of today feeling like i am forgetting something or making mistakes, i probably won't but once my day starts out like this i will feel behind and off center all day. oh well there is always tomorrow. wish me luck

Monday, July 21, 2008

look at me i'm a winner

well the weekend was great. i had ablast playing in the pool with my neice, nephew, cousin, and her daughter. it was 95 and humid the perfect day to spend in the pool. the penny party was a blast. i won lots of great prizes. gift certificates for food and jewelry and to museums. lots of fun for all. my niece won a game and the stuffed toy she really wanted and my nephew got a t-shirt and a gift cert for papa john's pizza.
sun we were looking at houses and helping my boyfriend's sister move. now that was an adventure. first we went to her storage bin to drop off things they will not need. then we helped them move their big things into their mom's house. she has a twin house and they will be moving into the 3rd floor 2 flights of stairs with a turn between 2nd and third floors. ac units, dresser and night stands no problem. then we took on the bed. frame was easy, box springs a bit more difficult but they got upstairs then the beast a king size mattress. it took four people to move, 2 pushing and 2 pulling. we inched this mattress up the steps. it went something like push go up a step , push move up a step, ect. after 20 minutes it finally made it all the way to the top and on the frame. then we all colasped. after that we went home to relax and enjoy the rest of our sunday. while we were busy moving things our puppy got to play with his mom and sister's dogs. she was exhauted too. that did make us very happy. a quiet evening at home watching movies.

Friday, July 18, 2008


i am so happy it is friday!!!! this has been such a long week after the last 2 being short because of vacation and the 4th of july. to makes thing even more fun flo came and brought a friend with a jackhammer to pound in my head. nothing like a 3 day headache with a migarine start and finish. i am so happy flo only lasts 3 day most months.
i have been looking forward to sat for so long. my cousin and i planned this weekend back around easter so we have both been excited for months. for her going to the pool was a treat and i miss going since this is the first summer since i was in college that i no longer get to go anymore. my neice and nephew are excited as well they have been wanting to go with me all summer and every weekend i tried to plan going are the ones it rained or something else came up. they have been counting the days this week as excited as i am.
hopefully i will get some pictures of all the fun and maybe i will even get a chance to post vacation and pool pics to flicker.( no promises )
have a great weekend all

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hump day

i am so happy it is wednesday. 2 more days til the weekend. i am excited for this weekend. my cousin and her daughter are coming over to go swimming in the pool i grew up going to every day all summer as a child. i love to swim and the pool is my favorite place to be on a hot summer day. not only is my cousin and her daughter going so is my mom , dad, neice and nephew and to make things even better it is the anual penny party at the pool. what could be better than a hot summer day at the pool that involves prizes. i save all year and usually come home with prizes totaling more than i spend and the profits go to support the swim team. since i was a member of the first team we ever had at that pool i can't resist supporting the team. now if i could only make the next 2 days fly by i would be a happy lady.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i'm back

wow vacation was way too short. 2 days at the shore and 2 days lounging at home i could use few more days off. the shore was so much fun. my neice and nephew and i played on the beach for 2 days body surfing and boogie boarding in the very cold atlantic. luckily we had the 2 best beach days of the week. thursday night we went to the boardwalk for dinner yummy. i got my favorite pizza and water ice then we went to our favorite candy store for fudge. next up were rides and games. both kids came home a winner and we used all of our tickets for the rides. fri i got up early and took my winnie for a walk on the beach the she and i had breakfast on the boardwalk. i had pancakes and she had her dog food. winnie was an angel at the shore she was well behaved and never had an accident in the house. yeah for winnie. she even let me sleep in somewhat. we were still up by 6 but that is better then 4;30 or 5. thursday night i had to share my bed. my sweet nephew decided i was lonely since my honey was at home and he slept with me. winnie tried her hardest to wake him at 4:30 and 5am but he didn't move even with her on his back and licking his face. fri night for dinner since my brother and family left to eat on the way home my uncle (who lives at the house where we were staying )and i went out to dinner. nice restaurant on the bay. after dinner i too headed home.
the rest of my long weekend was spent with my honey. he was tired from a long hard week but it was nice to just relax together.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


is here yeah. funny i am super excited to go on vacation the beach and boardwalk are so much fun. the one damper is my honey has to work i will be frolicking at the shore and he will be home alone. i am even taking the dog which is a plus for him. he will get 3 uninterupted nights of sleep while i will have the crazy up half the night dog who will want to go out at 5 am. what was i thinking??? see you monday

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i can't wait for vacation

i am going to the nj shore for 2 days. i get to be a kid and play with my niece and nephew on the beach. i can't wait. we are going to eat on the boardwalk. oh my yummy fries, pizza, and lots of junk oh and don't for get ice cream. this is one family tradition we started with my niece and nephew that is so much fun. my parents always planned and prepared all our meals before we left for vacation. we only got one or 2 treats on the boardwalk but eating as you go through the night a bit here and a bit there is so much more fun. bad for the waist line but it is one night. i am also looking forward to rides and lazy days on the beach boogie boarding and building sandcastles. this year it is a short vacation for me but i still can't wait.

Monday, July 7, 2008

weekend update

we had a busy weekend without really doing anything. we have started house hunting and working on financing. hunting was the majority of the weekend. we drove to houses on our list of possibilites and checked out the houses and the neighborhoods. realators can really take pictures that make any house look good online but in person what a difference. some we crossed off and some are possiblities. it will all come down to getting approved for a mortgage. i don't want to put in an offer if we are not certain of the financing. the housing market is a buyers market if you can get a mortgage. hopefully i can get one.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

the 4th of july

wow i can't believe the 4th is here already. this year is flying by. i can't wait to have a 3 day weekend this week and a 4 day weekend next week. i am so ready for a little vacation time. i will post when i can but i will be enjoying work free days and sun at the pool this week and the beach next week. yahoo

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a house

we are looking into buying a house. so far we have found one we want to see and it is affordable. it will mean a longer comute for me but it will be worth it to have a yard for winnie and a second bedroom to have a baby. i am excited and scared at the same time but oh so worth it. wish us luck

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


i love my job and the guys i work with. they are easy to get along with and make the day fun. last week they decided to try to pull a prank on me. it sort of worked. instead of parking behind the shop i had to park along the side since they had pulled the work trucks out blocking my usual parking spot. later they come in and tell me that the newest guy was backing one of the trucks up and hit my sideview mirror. to bad for them a customer was in the showroom and i didn't freakout like they wanted me too. of course it is no big deal even if they break my mirror since i happen to work in a glass shop. if they break my mirror i just beat the one who did while he cuts me a new mirror. even the customer was laughing at the guys saying just make her a new one. what they really wanted was for me to run outside all upset so they could laugh at their prank but it didn't work the way they wanted. after the customer left they made me go out to move my car i still didn't freak they were so disappointed. i am sure they will try again but i hope they come up with something better next time then i can get even.