Thursday, October 29, 2009

the phillies

go phillies !!!! last nights game was awesome. cliff lee is making me a beLEEver really fast. game 2 tonight woo hoo !!

the cat , the dog and the pop up crate

tigger loves the pop up crate, she hides inside, jumps on it and naps all the way in the back. winnie has gotten braver lately and has been going all the way in the crate. the other night i was cleaning up the dishes and i see winnie quickly backing out of the crate. i also notices tigger is being dragged out on her back. i am all ready to yell at winnie for being too rough with tigger when i realise that tigger's mouth is clamped on winnie's throat and her 2 front paws are on winnie's jaws. the cat who is 1/4 of winnie's size is beating her up. i am now laughing like crazy as tigger drops her hold on winnie and runs and hides. a little while later tigger is hiding next to the tv the other dog gracie comes out of the kitchen and tigger runs at her leaps up lands on her head and jumps off landing on the other side of gracie. poor gracie just freezes and tigger reaches up and swats at gracies nose. sometimes i think tigger thinks she is a dog and a bully as well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy and tired

right now i and the rest of the philadelphia area are exhausted and excited. THE PHILLIES are going to the world series for the second year in a row. for 10 years i had season tickets and they never even came close to going to the playoffs. my date for all of the years i had tickets was my dad. he decided that going to 14 games a year was not enough so since he retired he got a job as a phillies usher. he has worked almost evey home game for the last four years. last year he went to all of the playoff and world series games. now he gets to see the world series again this year. i am phillies red with envy. GO PHILLIES !!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the house

well if you live on the east coast you know what friday and saturday's weather was like. cold rainy mess. i drove to the shore in the rain friday and home saturday. not a fun drive that was for sure. we cleaned on friday until around 11 pm then got up saturday and cleaned until lunch. we poked through stuff in the attic and loaded up bag after bag of trash. all of my uncles clothing is now gone that freed up 4 dressers, 3 closets, 2 storage bins in the attic and 3 laundry baskets. we also were finally able to finally match up all the sheets in the house. now that they are sorted we can make beds without going through 20 sheets to find the ones that go together. the fridge and freezer are empty and there is little to no food left in the house. the next thing is the attic. for this we need a 30 yard dumpster and all the muscles we can recruit. hopefully when we go down again in november we can tackle the attic. even with everything we threw away we still managed to fill all three cars for the trip home. on a brighter note the phillies are up 3 games to 1 in the national league championship series. yeah!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


well the clean out has begun. between bags of trash and stuff to sell we have barely made a dent in the work to be done at my uncles house. i am going down this weekend with my parents and brother for another session of cleaning and trash.

winnie and tigger are continuing their partnership in crime. winnie has gotten hold of one of my books and torn the cover and tigger decided to check out our dinner Sunday night hot out of the oven. tigger also has been draging around the bell on a string from one of her toys her favorite place to leave the bell is in the garbage disposal.

i am still late but the test i took was negative. if i am pregnant i will be really suprised. oh well we will find out in a few weeks. i think it is from stress since this has happened before during stressful times so we shall see. ( yes i have only taken one for now )

not much else is going on. hubby is happily reading wood burning forums and gleefully lighting a fire in the wood stove every night. i am sure by spring he will be ready for a break again but right now he is having a blast.

Monday, October 5, 2009

winnie and tigger

ok hubby and i are ready to fatten our dog winnie back up. over the spring she had lyme disease and had trouble with her one leg. she laid around and ate so she got too fat. we have put her on a diet through the vet's office and she has lost close to 5 pounds. this of course means she is back to her bad self. instead of laying around and sleeping she doesn't know what to get into next. every morning she steals one of hubby's shoes and pulls out the inner sole. runs around the house barking at every little noise. stands up on her hind legs reaches up on the dresser, pulls the cover forward and runs off with anything that gets into her reach. this means unerwear, towels, shirts, socks and papers. all trash cans must be at least 3 feet off the floor or she dumps them over. on sunday she reached up on the kitchen counter and pulled the towel forward to knock the marro bones off and gobbled them up. when she can't reach things she gets help from the cat. tigger will poke her paws into anything on the stove. yes even if it is hot. sunday afternoon i stuffed a small chicken for dinner. it came with innards which i boiled and was going to cut up as a treat for the dogs. tigger fished them out of the pot of hot water one by one rolled them around on the counter and onto the floor for the dogs to enjoy early.
winnie still needs to loose about 5 more pounds heaven help me when she does i may loose my sanity from all the trouble she will find to get into then.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

how did i end up on the rollercoaster???

up until the begining of september my life was more like the merry-go-round. the horses have thier stride life goes up and down in gentle rolling hills sort of like cruise control. then WHAM!!!! next thing i know turmoil. i have known my uncle was dying for a while. his going hit me hard anyway. 4 days after one of the happiest days of my life to one of the saddest. now the really hard part the aftermath. my uncle left a HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! mess. unpaid bills, more crap crammed into his house than a family of 4 could use in a year, spoiled food, junk everywhere and don't even ask how dirty the house is. my mom is stuck with the worst part the bills and estate stuff. Now we have to straighten out his affairs and hope that in the end we can keep his house. my mom thinks we may have to sell i want to rent the house and use the cottage out back for vacations and weekends at the beach. slowly i think my mom is coming around to the renting idea. it makes sense for everyone. the house would be occupied year round and less work for us and we would still be able to enjoy the beach, as an added plus renting would also cover the taxes for the house.while i love rollercoasters and i know this one will end, it would have been nice to be more prepared for the sudden shift.
PS to make things even more interesting I AM LATE. no we have not been trying lately so who knows.