Friday, August 29, 2008

house update

well settlement has been pushed until october. the seller just got her paperwork to the bank for short selling the house. we thought it was sent in at the beginning of august. needless to say we where not happy to find out she just sent in the paperwork. now we have to wait for the bank to approve the sale. all we seem to do is hurry up and wait. i want my house. now we are waiting for the bank to asign a negotiator and make a decision. we can't even get our mortgage paperwork approved until the bank approves the sale. our mortgage company has the pre approval and all of the paperwork we need to submit and has had it for 2 weeks. this is just so furstraing i want to scream. we had so hoped to be out of our apt by sept 30. oh well hopefully a nice quiet 3 day weekend will help.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


winnie lets me sleep in. for her that means not waking me up until 1/4 to seven. i take her out in my pj's figuring she will pee and we will return to bed. she had other ideas. she did pee then saw someone parking there car and heading to the beach. she starts barking and running across my uncles yard and the nieghbors yard, across the sidewalk and the street to bark up close at this person. he just kept on walking. she sees me coming and runs in the the field across the street knowing i am mad at her. then i step on nettles in the grass. i am now really mad. she starts to run by me but gets one stuck in her foot too. i tried to grab her and she runs to the back door and waits for me to get there. as soon as i open the door she runs in and hides knowing she is in trouble. i am wake now so i give up on going back to sleep and decide i am hungry. there is an awesome bakery 1 and 1/2 blocks from my uncle's house so i get dressed and put winnie on her leash and off we go for donuts. oh so yummy donuts. they hit the spot for breakfast for everyone as they slowly got up. when everyone was ready we left the dogs at the house and hit the boardwalk. we got candy for my parents and played games and wandered home stopping in stores and checking out the craft fair. we also stopped for lunch at my favorite pizza place. after that we went to the beach for some sun and surf before showering and heading home. it was a wonderful weekend with lots of good frinds and fun was had by all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

sunburnt and exhausted

wow what a weekend. we all had the best time even the dogs. winnie even got plenty of beach time. she was really bad friday night and kept waking us up every 1-1/2 hours all night. i finally gave up on sleep and took her for a really long walk on the beach at 6:30am. a little while after we return boyfriend sister got up and then she woke up her husband and winnie and i retuned to the beach with them and their dog milo. when we got to the beach we let both dogs off the leashes. milo ran straight into the water. winnie followed then balked at the water. she was jumping over the incoming waves. too funny she would stand in the water but was freaked out by it coming at her. we played for an hour or so and returned to the house by then everyone was up. after that was breakfast and grocery shopping. in the afternoon we bbqed and i took a much needed nap. late in the afternoon we returned to the beach. boyfriend sister and i went first and the guys followed with the dogs after the guards left for the day. after playing in the surf we returned for showers and more bbq. after diner we sat around talking until late. i was still tired so i went to bed around midnight boyfriend stayed up until around 2. luckily for us winnie was as tired as we were and slept until almost 7 am. late for me with the early bird dog we have. more tomorrow

Friday, August 22, 2008

i love the beach

guess where i am going this weekend. yup to the beach. my uncle lives at the jersey shore and boyfriend and i and his sister and brother-in-law and 2 other friends are going with us. i can't wait it has been 10 years since i have gone to the beach without kids around. i so can really enjoy the beach this weekend. winnie is going too so i am sure she will get into trouble at some point while we are there. she loves to dig in my uncles sandy dirt in the back yard. last time she ended up getting 2 baths because she got so dirty. she may even get some beach time too. see you monday.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another winnie story

sunday boyfriend and i are on our computers when we hear this whoosh from the kitchen. we look over and here comes winnie out of the kitchen with this really guilty look on her face. her tail is down and her ears are back and she is speed walking through the room. i get up and go into the kitchen and find the 3 foot by 3 foot cork board my dad made me as a child laying on the floor. all i could do was laugh serves her right poking her nose where it doen't belong and having this big piece fall on top of her. it is not heavy but i am sure it startled her when it fell. she hide under our bed for an hour before coming out. please note there was no damage to the dog or corkboard lol

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

still nothing

we are waiting for the bank to approve everything for the house we want. they are going to make us wait til the last minute. they said they would get back to us with in 45 days. that puts us right up to the settlement date. if they wait that long settlement will be pushed back. the mortgage company won't even do their paperwork until they have signed papers from bank. so we wait. did i tell you i hate waiting. this being in limbo is crazy i just want an answer. N.O.W. NOW NOW NOW. OK DEEP BREATH NO SORRY I WANT AN ANSWER NOW!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

monday again

for many years i worked a retail job. the hours were long and i busted my ass every day. luckily i had a really great boss who let me take extra time if i needed it and let me take 2 days in a row most weeks. because it was retail i had to work every saturday. that i could live with but i really hated to work sundays. since i only had to work one a month and was the head manger i could pick and choose when i worked a sunday. my other day off every week was monday. i loved having mondays off. i could do everything i needed to for the week. shopping, banking, baby sitting for my niece and nephew what ever needed to be done on monday. the best part it could be done fast. i mean fast what takes all day sunday to do now that i have an office job would take maybe 2 hours tops on mondays. that is the one thing i miss most about retail. i don't think i could go back to retail but i do miss mondays off.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

winnie the bad dog

back in may and june my boyfriend was out of work. while he was home winnie would sleep most of the day. when he went back to work we decided to stop crating winnie while we are at work. for the first month she was really good. no accidents on the floor and no messes to clean up. that changed around the begining of august. she has started destoying things. at first it was old empty cd cases or an old cd for the computer. we would move or block her access to the items and she would poke her way in or find others to chew. then the first friday in august i come home and boyfriend says she got into the cases again and found something new to destroy. what do ask did she find? a box of condoms. they where shreded all over the floor. she must have tried to chew one and ate it. the next day i take her out to go and she pees no big deal then she has to poo. so she goes and she stayes in the poo crouch, then she waddles a bit, and crouches some more. i look over and there is poo hanging half way down her but attached to something she is still trying to pass. so she crouches and waddles for 5 minutes and finally more poo comes out. i bend over to pick it up and realise she has just pooped out a condom. oh the joy of owning a dog

radiohead was great

but boy am i tied today. we had a great time at the concert. boyfriend was such a happy boy he finally got to see his favorite band live in concert. the trip into the venue took 3 times longer thean the trip home but was worth it. my only complaint was that everyone was standing and the venue was an indoor/ outdoor venue with speakers set up for peopele sitting down in the grass standing up the sound was not as good.i sat for half the concert and stood up for half so i could see but it was still great.
tomorrow a funny update with my very cute and very bad doggie winnie. see you then

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

radiohead anyone??

i can't wait we are going to see radiohead in concert tonight. i am leaving work early so we can meet up with friends. my boyfriend introduced me to this group i am more of a listen while you do other stuff person but i do like radiohead. tell you about it later

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy birthday to me!!!!

well it is here my birthday yeah! boyfriend woke me up with happy birthday i love you so sweet. i will miss him all day. i won't get to see much of him today. i am working at my everyday job and my part time job today so i won't get home til 10 pm. luckily i am going to my parents for dinner. mom is making my favorite dinner (spaghetti and meatballs yummy)and my brother and family are coming over for cake and ice cream for our birthdays ( his was yesterday). i will need to go to my second job teaching water aerobics just to work off all the carbs lol. so far we have an accepted bid on a house and we are trying to make a baby ( lots of trying this coming weekend )and we a talking about getting married soon too so i am getting more than i ever hoped this year. this is my best birthday ever even if i have to work while the boss is frolicking on the beach.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

lazy saturday

we stayed up late friday night and the dog got us up at 6 am so we are having a lazy saturday. watching tv and playing games online. there is wash and shopping and cleanign to do but we are both being lazy. i guess we both just need a day to ignore the world and enjoy ourselves. p.s. 2 days til my birthday yeah !!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

thursday again

thursday's are the worst day of the week. there is still one more day before the weekend and it always drags. we did have some excitement this morning. the guys in the shop were gettting new nextels so the vp in charge came to our shop. since he was here i got him to fix our printers. both the manager and i can print to our own printers now i don't need to print everything. our work orders still have to be printed by me but that is nothing. i am so excited now i can copy, print, scan and fax all from one machine on my desk. yeah !!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

while we wait a weekend update

on sunday i drove to my parents house in the late afternoon and picked up my niece and nephew along the way. we picked out our dinner order and went to the pool. we planned a late afternoon and dinner there because it was raft night. on sunday tuesday and thursday they allow rafts in the pool for 2 hours. since my niece and nephew rarely get to stay for raft night we made plans. we had the best time swimming and playing until dinner then sandwiches (won from a local deli at the penny party) and then it was raft night. the last 10 minutes before we could take the rafts in were tough for us all. then we floated and flipped each other and stole each others rafts. it was so much fun the kids had a blast flipping me off of my raft and making me chase them to get it back. of course i had fun stealing their rafts as well. even my parents got in on the fun my dad was stealing and flipping as well and my mom floated around and even got a few fun fun

Monday, August 4, 2008

we agree

the seller countered and we accepted. now we wait for the bank if they ok the sale we have a house. oh my god we will have a house. pinch me. more later

Friday, August 1, 2008

tell me i am not insane

we put an offer in on a house. wow i am amazed to write that. maybe seeing it in print will make it more real. by sunday we will know if the seller has accepted our offer and then we need to wait for her bank to ok the sale as well. she is short selling so her bank has to approve the offer as well since she will be selling for less than she paid. if all goes well we will be home owners this fall. keep your fingers crossed for me.