Monday, August 25, 2008

sunburnt and exhausted

wow what a weekend. we all had the best time even the dogs. winnie even got plenty of beach time. she was really bad friday night and kept waking us up every 1-1/2 hours all night. i finally gave up on sleep and took her for a really long walk on the beach at 6:30am. a little while after we return boyfriend sister got up and then she woke up her husband and winnie and i retuned to the beach with them and their dog milo. when we got to the beach we let both dogs off the leashes. milo ran straight into the water. winnie followed then balked at the water. she was jumping over the incoming waves. too funny she would stand in the water but was freaked out by it coming at her. we played for an hour or so and returned to the house by then everyone was up. after that was breakfast and grocery shopping. in the afternoon we bbqed and i took a much needed nap. late in the afternoon we returned to the beach. boyfriend sister and i went first and the guys followed with the dogs after the guards left for the day. after playing in the surf we returned for showers and more bbq. after diner we sat around talking until late. i was still tired so i went to bed around midnight boyfriend stayed up until around 2. luckily for us winnie was as tired as we were and slept until almost 7 am. late for me with the early bird dog we have. more tomorrow

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