Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i am looking forward to 2009. 08 was a good year even with the many ups and downs boyfriend and i faced. i love him and the life we are building together. christmas came and we got tons of great stuff. new sheets and comforter from boyfriend's mom and my parents added more dishes to my antique china and got me a really cool silicone bake and store set. my brother and sister in law got us really cool new phones. the best present of all was the wood stove insert for the fireplace. i love that my house is now warm and the oil burner hardly comes on anymore. i also love the smell of the wood smoke. for the new year my only goal is to get pregnant and continue building our lives together. not much but very meaningful.
winnie is at doggie daycamp today for some end of the year fun. she really needs to spend so time playing with other dogs. i hope i can get back to bringing her at least once a month. she is a happy and tired dog after her day of playing.
I also paid all of my bills for january the other day. setting the bank up to them when they are due was easy since they automatically change the year for me. my quicken bank account register does not. this means that i entered about 4 payments and realised i needed to go back to the begining of 08 on the register and change the new entries to 09. oh well at least i didn't have to do the whole month just a few.
wishing everyone a happy safe and healthy new year

Monday, December 22, 2008

santa came

yes he has visited the how did i end up here household already with more coming today and more on thursday. so far santa brought a mirrored hall tree with storage bench. the grinch already put it together and it is by our front door. some time today our new toy a wood fireplace insert will be arriving. then thursday is christmas lots of presents and family. his and mine all in one day. friday i will be home resting and watching movies. merry christmas all if i don't get a chance to blog again before christmas.
now for a winnie story. yesterday i got our tree. the first one in our new house. it is all decorated. winnie and tigger decided they were going to work together. so i come out of the bedroom this morning to find winnie chewing on the remains of a glass christmas ball ornament and tigger trying to climb the tree. i clean up the broken ball pieces and walk in the kitchen to find another ornament on the floor and the fake popcorn / cranberry garland as well. now i will have to keep the 2 monsters from undecorating the tree and destrying the ornaments.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

wow where did the time go

christmas is speeding up on me. i got the cookies baked and most of the presents bought. left is a christmas tree and wrapping. i have all weekend and i can relax and enjoy the holidays. i need to make a pecan pie and an appitizer for boyfriend's family's christmas party too. they are quick and easy so i will be ready to party and open gifts. the only gift left to buy is for boyfriend's brother and for that he is in charge. not much else is going on. we are in baby making mode so that will fill out the next few days as well.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

happy birthday to my honey

i know i know i have been missing. not much is going on right now. last week was long and quiet. the weekend to short. the good news is it is my honey's birthday. he is the best thing in my life and i want him to be happy. so tonight we are having steak for dinner, yummy and a queit evening at home. we are also preparing for baby making. i finally got flo she has been weird lately and we can try for a baby again. i finally got the pernatal vitamins so i am taking those now too. hopefully this month will be a good month but if not we will keep trying.

Monday, December 1, 2008

monday again

well i had a nice restful weekend to recover from thursday. sat i got up and spent the entire day in my pj's. i did very little mostly playing a game on the computer and it was great. sun i did get dressed and went to the market. after that i baked m&m cookies and snickerdoodles yummy! so now i have 3 kinds of cookies baked only 8 more kinds to go. 2 are cheater cookies so they are easy and i will try to get the peanut butter done this weekend leaving only cookies in single or double batches after that. i normally baked 4 batches of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies but since the cookies are at my house the 6' tall mouse known for eating a double batch of cookies at my mom's will be cut off i am only baking 3 batches this year. maybe he won't complain in january his pants don't fit. i still need to find time to finish my shopping and the last of the shopping my mom needs done. oh well it will all get done. i will bring my christmas cards to work and get them done and i only need a few more things to finish up. 24 days to go yikes!!