Thursday, May 28, 2009

busy not being busy

not much to post lately. we are chugging along like everyone else. not even anything interesting to tell .

Friday, May 15, 2009


now how do i make the day go faster??? it is dragging by and i am so bored. it doesn't help i am thinking of all the stuff i could be getting done at home before we go to the shore tomorrow. 80 degrees and a beach what more could you ask for in may. we are taking the dogs and leaving the cat. heaven help us when we get home on sunday. the cat will have 24 hours with no dogs and extra food. i am sure her bowls will be empty and she will be starving when we return. i can't wait to take the dogs on the beach. they will love the exercise and being spoiled by my dad.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

still recovering

wow busy weekend. on saturday my parents brought the last of my stuff to my house and my neice and nephew for a sleepover. my parents stayed for lunch so we bbq burgers yummy. after that it was my time with the kids. we went to a local ochard to check it out and to a local playground. the kids and i had a blast. before heading back to my house we stopped at the dollar store. the kids got bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a toy and i grabbed a few things we needed. then we played more at my house. the dogs ran all day and only took a short nap instead of half a day nap. gracie followed ben every where. she ran around so much and refused to leave his side i had to make him stand next to the water bowl so she would drink. after dinner we played some more and then it was bath time. my nephew was filthy. i think there is still a ring of dirt in my tub from him. then my niece got clean too. afterward we made popcorn and watched a movie. after that we watch some more tv and i finally told the kids to go to slepp i was exhausted. around 3:30 in the morning my nephew decided it was time to sleep with me and boyfriend. i said ok and moved over so he could be on the end. he wasn't fast enough and winnie moved right in and took the spot i made. so i backed up and moved her off and he snuck in the middle of the bed. the next few hours consisted of elbows and knees to the head and ribs. sunday we got up and made breakfast eggs and pancakes. we played a bit more and then left to meet there dad and my mom for lunch. we had a great time but i am still recovering from so much excitement. we are also preparing for next weekend when we will drive to the shore to get the house ready for summer and check on my uncle. another busy and crazy weekend to come.

Friday, May 8, 2009

yeah for the weekend

we are having my niece and nephew stay over. i can't wait yeah!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday again

well this week is slowly going by. having a 3 day weekend even if i was sick makes this week feel even longer.our newest dog gracie was a bit nervous last night. every time one of us moved she jumped up and would run around. she kept scaring winnie who was trying to sleep. there must have been thunder in the area. we didn't notice but she must have heard it. i must say if anyone told me that i would live on an acre and a half of ground and have 2 dogs and a cat i would have laughed and said not me. see i have a confession. until getting winnie i was afraid of dogs. they made me very nervous and i hated when they would bark, jump at me or lick me. most of that goes back to an incident when i was a toddler and a dog jumped into the playpen i was in at the time. i grew up around a few dogs but never spending any real time with one to get over my fear. now i must say I LOVE MY DOGS !! having them has been the best experience and i wish i could have had one sooner. i love my boyfriend for so many things and i am ever grateful to him for convincing me to get a dog. i don't think i will ever not have one around again. when i talked to boyfriend about taking gracie from my brother and sister-in-law because they were spliting up i was suprised at how fast he agreed to take her even though he had never even seen the dog
before. i must say we have quite a little family going. i can't wait to add to the bunch.

Friday, May 1, 2009

no work friday

well i stayed home from work today. i tried to sleep thursday night and that didn't work i couldn't fall asleep at first because my sinus were dripping and making me cough and when i did fall asleep the same thing would happen and i would wake up. i did finally get a few hours this morning and naps with waking up this afternoon. i am hoping a weekend of sleep will send this cold packing. i don't have anything to do so i can rest and hopefully get better for next weekend.