Friday, November 28, 2008

thanksgiving recap

well what a day. i got up at 6 am and got busy stuffing the bird. lots of veggie chopping and butter melting and mixing and stuffing. it was in the oven by 7 am. then a small break for breakfast. then boyfriend and i start to build the last 2 chairs to our dining set and move furniture to fit all the tables in the house. of course since he is on call he gets an emergency call. so off he goes. meanwhile i now have to put one table together and dismantle, clean and move another table, reassemble and bring in all the chairs. after the table was set i took a break and showered. boyfriend got back around 12:30 and vaccummed for me while i mixed the ingredients for the corn cassarole. by 1:30 th relatives started arriving and the rest of the day is a blur. the tables were groaning with food and every stuffed themselves. after dinner i got lots of help cleaning up. then we put out the desserts and everyone could help themselves when they were ready. since we ate at 4 we had plenty of time to sit and talk and enjoy the evening. there was one small aurgument over politics but everyone aplogised and no relationships destroyed so all in all a great day everyone headed home around 9 pm so i even got to bed early since i am working today.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

is it january yet

my uncle is moved in for now. once he figured out i am in the sticks and the nearest store is 20 minutes away he decided maybe he would be better off staying with my parents. my dad will be driving him to chemo and the doctors so now he wants to go stay with them. that is ok but that can't happen until after the first of the year. why you ask ?? my mom had surgery today to replace both of her knees. i am going after work to see her before going home. then i get to go home and get my house ready for boyfriends family to come for thanksgiving. oh and ref my boyfriend and uncle. they are not fighting but my uncle is driving him a bit nuts so i need to keep the peace. i am sure things will calm down but we need to find the middle ground for everyone.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

the pitter patter of size 13 feet

my uncle is coming up to live with boyfrend and me on sunday. my parents and brother are driving down to load his stuff up and we will meet them at their house and drive him to ours. the empty bedroom we planned on using as a nursery will be put to use early and not the way we planned but at least he will not be living alone. i do have to say that through all of this my boyfriend has been right there supporting me and it just makes me love him all the more. even when i call him during my drive to work while i am crying and freaking out he is right there on the phone telling me that it will all work out. i know that this will not be easy but he and i will get through this together.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

wow it is thursday

this has been a weird and crazy week. my uncle who raised my mom from the time she was 18 months old and he was 16 called on monday saying he hasn't been feeling well. so he finally went to the doctors. they sent sent him for tests and x-rays. they found a mass. we were not suprised he smokes like a chimney 1 step away from a chain smoker. he was to see a surgeon on friday but it was moved up to wednesday. we waited all day to find out what the surgeon said. he finally called wednesday night from the hospital. there are 2 tumors on his spine. they are slowly strangling his spinal cord and they were afraid to let him continue living alone. the fear is that he will fall and end up paralised with no way to call for help. they a setting him up for radiation. at this point that is all we know. my paernts are driving down to see him on sunday and to check on the house. boyfriend and i may go to we will see i still have to talk to him tonight and decide what we want to do. hopefully by monday we will have more information and see where we go from here.

Friday, November 7, 2008


yeah it is finally friday. i am really loving the weekends now that i have a house. why you ask?? i don't have a 50 minute ride to work each way on sat or sunday. sleeping in is a bonus too. while i have been looking for a job closer to home there is not much out there right now. so i endure the ride and look forward to those two lovely days off. hopefully more jobs will open up soon and i can get something closer to home until then anyone in the philadelphia area need glass. come visit me

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a brave new world

yesterday was world changing. the election was historic in every way for everyone. my boyfriend was so happy this morning the bush era is quickly coming to and end and there is hope for real change in this country. the headlines around the world reflect the change as well. congrat to president elect obama we need you

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vote people just vote

my parents made sure that as kids we went with them every year when they voted. we were brought up to believe it was our responsibility to vote. i have been voting since i turned 18. this year however is the biggest and most important election i have voted in so far. i stopped on the way into work. most of the schools are off today so there was very little traffic. i was a bit late for work but i know tonight will be crazy at the polls after work. so no matter who you are voting for just make sure you go out and vote. if you are lucky they will still be giving out cookies to tide you over until you can get home for dinner.