Friday, November 28, 2008

thanksgiving recap

well what a day. i got up at 6 am and got busy stuffing the bird. lots of veggie chopping and butter melting and mixing and stuffing. it was in the oven by 7 am. then a small break for breakfast. then boyfriend and i start to build the last 2 chairs to our dining set and move furniture to fit all the tables in the house. of course since he is on call he gets an emergency call. so off he goes. meanwhile i now have to put one table together and dismantle, clean and move another table, reassemble and bring in all the chairs. after the table was set i took a break and showered. boyfriend got back around 12:30 and vaccummed for me while i mixed the ingredients for the corn cassarole. by 1:30 th relatives started arriving and the rest of the day is a blur. the tables were groaning with food and every stuffed themselves. after dinner i got lots of help cleaning up. then we put out the desserts and everyone could help themselves when they were ready. since we ate at 4 we had plenty of time to sit and talk and enjoy the evening. there was one small aurgument over politics but everyone aplogised and no relationships destroyed so all in all a great day everyone headed home around 9 pm so i even got to bed early since i am working today.

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