Wednesday, April 29, 2009


for the past few months one of the tires on my car keeps getting low. lately it has been getting more and more frequent. we have also noticed that my tires are getting bald. boyfriend and i have been pricing them and debating what to do. they are really expensive tires since the dealership upgraded the rims to try to sell the car becuase it was returned. last night by the time i got home the tire was flat. boyfriend put air in it to see if it would hold until he could take my car for new tires today. so much for putting some money away first. we had hoped to be able to do 2 pay them off and do 2 more but boyfriend got a deal. we buy 3 and get the 4th one free. so now i am getting 4 new tires and i will be safer on the road.

Monday, April 27, 2009

just my luck

temps in the 80 and me home sick all weekend. nothing like a cold on top of allergies to make your weekend lousy. satuday i did feel up to a bit of gardening and got the laundry and grocery shopping done but that was all. sun i slept went to the communion party sleeping in the car on the way to the party and home and napping more when i got home. i did get a good night's sleep last night so i am feeling better today but i am losing my voice now too. i really do hate spring. i order of summer please.

Friday, April 24, 2009

yeah for the weekend

well i am ready for the weekend. this has been an emotional week and i am ready to enjoy my time off and spoil my dogs. winnie ran over and greeted me at the door last night. i was so happy to see her moving around and using all 4 feet. she slept alot during the day but was more like herself last night. this morning she was wiggling in between us this morning in bed when the alarm went off. looking for her morning snuggle and pets.
we are getting summer like temp in my area this weekend and i am so ready to do more gardening and enjoy the outdoors again on satuday. we also have a 1st communion party to go to for one of boyfriends cousin's on sunday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


i am a bad mommy. my poor little winnie has lyme disease and another one from ticks. her foot is due to joint swelling and pain. last night when i got home she was just laying on the floor with these huge sad eyes. all i wanted to do was cry. this morning she was barely moving around so we knew that it was more than her foot. my boyfriend took her to the vet and now she has gotten a shot and pills to take and will be going back for more shots in 2 weeks. i am so relieved that she will be well again. i miss the bossy little dog that jumps up on my bed in the morning and licks me in greeting every day and wakes me up on the weekends. the cat is running amuck throught the house unchecked and things are just not right.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

worried about winnie

my cute fuzzy little white dog hurt her foot. we don't know what she did but last night and this morning she will not put her one foot on the floor. i called the vet who of course is not in the office today and she will be getting checked out tomorrow. hopefully it is nothing serious. we can't see any swelling, bleeding, and she is not chewing on it but of course she won't let us check it out either. update tomorrow

Monday, April 20, 2009

busy weekend

wow what a nice weekend. i washed my car and worked on our gardens. i cleaned out the one in front of the house and part of the one in front of the garage. i even started some plants.

Friday, April 17, 2009

yeah for a beautiful weekend

i am excited for this weekend the weather is warming up and maybe a dose of sunshine will make me feel better. i have been exhausted for the past week. in bed asleep by 9pm. i hate spring i long for steady weather. this 30's one day 60's the next and who know what the next just kills me. only 65 days til summer and 46 day til memorial day weekend. yes i am counting and using tooth picks to keep my eyes open until the weather steadies into all warm all the time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

dad 1 fuzzy white dog 0

my boyfriend went to put the leash on winnie and she freaked. she ran toward our bed room to hide under the bed. boyfriend thinking ahead had closed the door. unfortunaly the door was not closed tight and when winnie barreled into the door it popped open. since that is her safe spot and she growls and snaps if you try to pull her out boyfriend took the covers off the bed moved the mattress and lifted the box spring. he grabbed the dog and put on her leash. winnie then turned into the angel dog and happily pranced around on the leash and got in the car and went to the vets office. there she sniffed the new vets office and happily went with the vet for her shot. before we bought our house she never went out without her leash. when we first moved in we would have to go outside with her so she would go. lately winnie has decided that she doesn't want the leash on and fights us. how far she has come since oct.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

taking bets

how much trouble can 1 cute white fuzzy dog cause getting ready to go to the vets office??? we shall see. more tomorrow

Monday, April 6, 2009

fun was had by all

dinner on saturday night was a blast. my girlfriend and i got to catch up. her daugher came too and she is too funny. she is also very bossy. she needed ketchup for her dinner and pestered the waiter for it. then demanded a box to take home the leftovers and ice cream for dessert. we all got to share her ice cream. i also got to know her boyfriend a bit more. we had met before but it was a long time ago before they began dating.
our tax return came and it went in and out of my account in the blink of an eye. i did manage to save part of the money the rest went to paying off bills from buying our house. now i only have a few bills left and my car payment 22 months to go. i can't wait to pay off my car. at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. i will never take a 6 year car loan again. it is never ending.

Friday, April 3, 2009

time for the weekend

yeah i can't wait 2 days off with my honey. sat night we are going out to dinner with friends of mine. we are going to ruby tuesday's. it is ok but my friends boyfriend is picky and said no to some really good places. oh well we will deal. it is more for us to get together than the food. the rest of the weekend is for us. maybe it is just me but i love spending time with my boyfriend. he is my best friend. even though we live together i still feel like we don't get enough time together. part of that is my job. i travel an hour each way to work and i work from 8-5. that makes 11 hours a day away from home. mon and wed is even longer since i have a second job and don't get home until 10pm. hopefully i will be able to find a job closer to my house soon and that will help a great deal.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

doggie nirvana

both dogs have adjusted well to each other. they even played together a lot over the weekend. my boyfriends mom came down on sunday afternoon with one of her dogs for a meeting. gracie hid most of the time. i had a 60 lbs sheltie trying to hide behind me on the sofa shaking like a leaf. we finally got all 3 dogs outside and running around. dublin my boyfriend's mom's dog started barking at gracie and winnie ran over to protect her it was so cute. the cat is even starting to roam around the living room again.