Thursday, April 9, 2009

dad 1 fuzzy white dog 0

my boyfriend went to put the leash on winnie and she freaked. she ran toward our bed room to hide under the bed. boyfriend thinking ahead had closed the door. unfortunaly the door was not closed tight and when winnie barreled into the door it popped open. since that is her safe spot and she growls and snaps if you try to pull her out boyfriend took the covers off the bed moved the mattress and lifted the box spring. he grabbed the dog and put on her leash. winnie then turned into the angel dog and happily pranced around on the leash and got in the car and went to the vets office. there she sniffed the new vets office and happily went with the vet for her shot. before we bought our house she never went out without her leash. when we first moved in we would have to go outside with her so she would go. lately winnie has decided that she doesn't want the leash on and fights us. how far she has come since oct.

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