Friday, April 3, 2009

time for the weekend

yeah i can't wait 2 days off with my honey. sat night we are going out to dinner with friends of mine. we are going to ruby tuesday's. it is ok but my friends boyfriend is picky and said no to some really good places. oh well we will deal. it is more for us to get together than the food. the rest of the weekend is for us. maybe it is just me but i love spending time with my boyfriend. he is my best friend. even though we live together i still feel like we don't get enough time together. part of that is my job. i travel an hour each way to work and i work from 8-5. that makes 11 hours a day away from home. mon and wed is even longer since i have a second job and don't get home until 10pm. hopefully i will be able to find a job closer to my house soon and that will help a great deal.

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