Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

sunshine high

well it is monday and raining again but that is ok. after 5 sunshine filled and warm temperature days i am ok with 2 days of rain. more sunshine and warm temps to follow. i would love in so many ways to have this weather for the rest of spring. the dogs and i went for a walk. new lead for gracie was great no pulling and no choking sounds. yeah!! unfortunaly she got a tick Boo!! so far winnie is good and gracie goes in 2 weeks for her lyme disease booster so hopefully she is good.
also i got 12 x 12 pavers to create a walkway in the back yard. got them laid out and trying to decide if we are going to add more pavers down the road or just decorative stone. currently we have mud and a sort of fire pit in the middle level of the backyard. yes levels house is on a hill. right now we may just leave the pavers the way they are and decide later.

Monday, March 15, 2010

rain rain go away, come again another day

first it was the never ending snow piling up 3-4 feet deep now it is the never ending rain. today is day 4 and i am feeling soggy. tomorrow the sun will return and hopefully dry everything out. maybe if the weatherman is right and saturday is as nice as they are saying the doggies and i will go for a walk. i got a new lead for gracie that hopefully will end the choking and stop the pulling. i already adjusted the fit for her so we are ready to go. winnie will be a very happy dog if we return to walking again. i miss our walks almost every night. exercise for us both and lots of fresh air even in winter. since buying the house and getting a second dog i have been lazy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yum for pf changs

friday night was fun. my nephew had a blast running around with his buddies and playing. my niece and i played games. oh and yes i met the new guy. hi nice to meet you and that was about all. cool for a first meeting and nice because it was some place where there was other people and things going on. picked up dinner and drooled all the way home. monday night my nephew ordered pizza and cake. ate none of it. in fact did not eat at all monday after school. a bit weird he usually graizes all night but monday nothing. he did love the cake though.

saturday since the weather was actually nice i took the dogs for a walk. when winnie was younger and we lived in our apt we walked all the time so i bought a training lead for her. it is great more control for me and no choking for her. she loves to go for walks and gets super excited when she sees the lead. when i pulled the lead out saturday she went nuts jumping around and barking with delight. i tried putting it on and realised i never adjusted it from when i got it and it was now too tight. fixed that got it on her and put on the leash. she was ready to go. then went to put gracie on the leash and she ran away. finally got everyone ready and off we went. winie will pull a bit from excitement at first and then gets into a nice walking rythum for me everytime. gracie chokes herself and tries to pull my arm out of the socket the whole walk. i am now looking for another lead for her. hopefully once we get the new lead we will go for more walks.i miss our walks and am looking for a safer place to walk the dogs than my street which can get busy and people drive fast around the curves. when we got home i checked the mailbox before we climbed the driveway and found the treat i ordered for the dogs in the mail. they love the naturally shed antler chew toys i ordered from the daily coyote's esty store. i even had to take one away from winnie at 11:30 pm so i could go to sleep.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


long time no see or write. let's see what has been going on lately?? we had more snow. not a lot just annoying. my sister in law had a baby during the storm. emergency c-section but everyone is OK and home doing well. baby is an adorable little peanut who graced me with burps, a rather large messy poo and several sneezes complete with snot flying everywhere. a newborn trifecta. good thing i have had lots of practice with my brothers 2 kids. my nephew's birthday is Sunday and his party is Friday night. since my brother and soon to be ex are fighting i am the only one from my side going to the party his mom is throwing. it makes me sad they can't work together and have a nice party for my nephew like they did for my niece. i am making him a dexter's laboratory cake for monday and we are having pizza for dinner at his request. yummy!! the party well that may be a story for monday. my soon to be ex sister in law's boyfriend and his kids will be there. i have no idea how that will go. i know she is thrilled i am going to be there and will finally meet the new guy but it will also be weird for me. i hope to enjoy playing with my niece and nephew for a bit and then picking up my dinner. that will be the best part pf chang's for dinner i will be drooling all day. wish me luck