Monday, March 22, 2010

sunshine high

well it is monday and raining again but that is ok. after 5 sunshine filled and warm temperature days i am ok with 2 days of rain. more sunshine and warm temps to follow. i would love in so many ways to have this weather for the rest of spring. the dogs and i went for a walk. new lead for gracie was great no pulling and no choking sounds. yeah!! unfortunaly she got a tick Boo!! so far winnie is good and gracie goes in 2 weeks for her lyme disease booster so hopefully she is good.
also i got 12 x 12 pavers to create a walkway in the back yard. got them laid out and trying to decide if we are going to add more pavers down the road or just decorative stone. currently we have mud and a sort of fire pit in the middle level of the backyard. yes levels house is on a hill. right now we may just leave the pavers the way they are and decide later.

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