Thursday, September 24, 2009

saying goodbye

sometime in the next few day i need to say a final goodbye. last night we lost my uncle. he was so much more to me than just an uncle though. He rasied my mom and her other brother when their father passed away. at the time my mom was not even 2 and her other brother was 4. that left my grandmom and my uncle who was 16 at the time with 2 small kids to raise. i guess i veiwed him more as my granfather and the only father figure my mom ever knew. I will miss you uncle O goodbye

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day 3 of the rampage

the cat has been a terror lately. after spending most of saturday hiding she is making up for lost time. she is climbing the screen to the sliders. fishing things out of the garbage disposal, knocking things on the floor and trying to get into the left over cake in the cake box. just closing the box is no longer enough. when i finally got home last night i found the cake box taped shut with duct tape. seems husband spent most of monday chasing her away from the box and picking up plates and napkins she knocked on the floor. even after taping the box closed she was still trying to get to the cake by poking her arm inbetween pieces of tape. my job tonight after dinner cut up the cake and store in the fridge. maybe then the cat will calm down. probably not since there are 2 dogs to annoy but one can hope.

Monday, September 21, 2009

post party wrap up

well everyone had a great time. stuffed them selves and just enjoyed the beautiful day. my nephew wanted to know why so many people were there at "his" party. all the kids had a blast jumping in the bouncer and exploring the woods around my house. they also had as much water ice as they could get away with eating. everyone else just enjoyed getting together and celbrating with us. i got a chance to visit with everyone through out the afternoon and had extra help cleaning up. my dogs loved having so many people there as well they happily begged all day long. yes everyone caved and fed them too. now they think they are people. the cat hid under the bed in our bedroom and never came out until almost everyone had left. then she went on a rampage through the house for 3 or 4 hours.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2 days

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I have spent today writing out a list of things to do tomorrow for the party. OMG !!!!! i have a ton to do hope there is enough time tomorrow. oh and to make things even more crazy my mother in law took 2 of her dogs for a walk last night and one was attacked by a pitt bull. mom has stiches in her hands and little D needed emergency surgury. we are waiting to here if D will be ok. Of course the dog once it finally let go disappeared and the owner doesn't know where it is. yeah right. hopefully the cops will catch the dog and the owner will be punished. the other dog Z is fine she was smart enough to run home.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

3 days

until the PARTY!!! i can't wait. the house is cleaned, painted and prepped. food is precooked prediced and ordered for saturday. friday i will be doing the last minute cleaning, making dips and cutting up fruit and final food prep. saturday i get to party.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the cat

she turned 1 in august and may not live to see 2. she has been really crazy lately. so far she attaacks your feet any time you step into our basement. most of the time this is right after nearly knocking you down the stairs when you open the door and go 2 or 3 steps down. we got a pop up dog crate. the dogs will not even step foot in it. the cat however loves it. she sits just inside taunting the dogs, she tries to sit on top but it collapes. she also gets inside and rolls the pop up crate at the dogs. this is when she is not having a stare down, walking up to one of the dogs and hitting them and annoying them so they will chase her. yesterday was the topper. my husband needed a haircut. so we get out the clippers and leave the door open the dogs come outside and so does tigger. i rescue the cat from where the dogs pinned her down half way through the haircut. when we are done we realise the cat is not in the yard. after 1/2 and hour of wandering the neighborhood we finally spy her in the woods behind our house. our house in the side of a hill. we hike up the hill then chase her aroung in the sticker bushes for another 1/2 hour until finally she gets to a place where my husband can pounce on her. he comes out of the bushes with mad cat in tow and blood running down his arms and legs. if she wasn't so cute she might be looking for a new home right about now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the dogs

this past spring my adorable dog winnie came down with lyme disease. she was sore, limping, and cranky. after a month of meds and 2 shots she was better but still sleepy and not moving much and limping a bit here and there. the vet at her yearly check up said she is over weight so now she is on a diet. the best part is she has had more energy and has been running around more lately. she goes back in 2 weeks to see how she is doing. Gracie my other dog has lost weight since coming to live with us. she now wants to run and play. every night we take both dogs out around dusk for a run on the hill in our yard. ( oh wait our yard is a hill) anyway gracie wanted to wrestle and play with winnie one night. they were both at the top of the hill. winnie was facing down hill and gracie was perpendicular to her. when winnie jumped on gracie to play gracie lost her balance and rolled down the hill. i wish i had my camera. after about 3 revolutions gracie comes to a stop stands up and shakes herself then runs back up the hill after winnie. meanwhile i am now laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. this is life with 2 dogs. the only thing funnier is the cat ( more about her next time)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the bad blogger

it has been a busy and unsual summer. rain in june wonderful in july with a touch of getting married and a hot an hazy august with birthdays and party plans. september will hopefully slow down once the PARTY is over. I can't wait, 18 days to go and then i get to hang out with our combined families and enjoy the newly weddedness. we may not have wanted a traditional wedding but i am excited to see family and friends and celebrate finally getting married. for those of you wondering the second best part of marriage topped only by my husband is the increase in my pay check. no raise just a tax change that puts more money in my pocket every week. YEAH!!!!