Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the dogs

this past spring my adorable dog winnie came down with lyme disease. she was sore, limping, and cranky. after a month of meds and 2 shots she was better but still sleepy and not moving much and limping a bit here and there. the vet at her yearly check up said she is over weight so now she is on a diet. the best part is she has had more energy and has been running around more lately. she goes back in 2 weeks to see how she is doing. Gracie my other dog has lost weight since coming to live with us. she now wants to run and play. every night we take both dogs out around dusk for a run on the hill in our yard. ( oh wait our yard is a hill) anyway gracie wanted to wrestle and play with winnie one night. they were both at the top of the hill. winnie was facing down hill and gracie was perpendicular to her. when winnie jumped on gracie to play gracie lost her balance and rolled down the hill. i wish i had my camera. after about 3 revolutions gracie comes to a stop stands up and shakes herself then runs back up the hill after winnie. meanwhile i am now laughing so hard tears are rolling down my face. this is life with 2 dogs. the only thing funnier is the cat ( more about her next time)

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