Wednesday, October 12, 2011


we are good. it seems that hubby will be off on wed and thursday all the time and i am off sat and sunday. so we just try to spend as much time as we can together when we are at home in the evenings. i miss having a whole day with him but he is working so i will just deal. the good thing is that now that he is working we are trying for a baby again. at this point we will try for a bit and then decide what step to take from there.
i am gearing up for the fall and christmas baking and christmas shopping. yes i am one of those people who shops early. i have 2 very good reasons for this 1 is that i worked retail for 20 years and never had time to shop after thanksgiving so it is now habit and 2 i hate the mall at christmas. there are too many angry, rotten, tired and nasty people who just make everyone around them miserable to enjoy shopping after thanksgiving. plus i get to spend my weekends happily baking in my pj's while everyone else fights traffic and crowds. after thanksgiving if i need to buy it i better be able to find it online or it doesn't happen.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

chickie chickie baby

she is such a handful. she eats everyone's food including mine if we allow her and gets away with it. it is great to be the baby in my house i guess. she has already won over jack and tigger. chickie and tigger chase each other through the house and wrestle at least until tigger has to put chickie in her place since she doesn't understand time out yet. tigger though is thrilled with having a playmate that will run and play with her without pinning her to the floor. jack who has had kittens before mothers chickie and guards her while she is eating so tigger doesn't steall her food it is to cute. both dogs are even good with her but get a bit to aggressive once and a while but mostly because chickie is so bold.