Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

i love halloween. i spent 2 years working for spencer gifts and dressing up for halloween. it was a blast. now i work in an office so no costume just halloween t-shirts. the real fun is tonight when i go trick or treating with my niece and nephew. they both love getting candy and seeing everyone. all of their friends will be out and we will make our anaul halloween visit to the neighborhood bar and the convent. yes we go to both every year. the bar crowd is great and they all make a fuss over the kids and so do the nuns. my niece and nephew went to the catholic school up til last fall and the nuns all look forward to seeing the kids every year. i am just as excited as they are and i don't even get any candy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

world series champions 2008 the phillies

the phillies did it. i was 13 and in junior high school the last time the phillies won the world series. 28 years later they finally did it again. for those that are superstious comcast tried to make sure that a philadelphia team would finally win. they put a small statue of william penn facing the correct direction on top the the brand new comcast building in philly. you see the theory is that once the gentlemans agreement not to build anything higher than billy penn was broken our teams were cursed. now he is once again atop the highest building finished this year and now we have the first major league sport title in 25 years( the last win was basketball in 83). by the way the same about of time billy penn was not the highest point.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my phillies

they don't get to finish game five until wed. i want them to win so bad along with the entire philadphia area. so good luck guys finish on wed so we can party!!!


yes that needs to be capitalized. this past weekend was our first alone in our new home. home such a nice word. anyway my boyfriend has been talking about getting a cat since we started the process of buying a house. now that we have a house he has talked all week about getting a cat. i was not excited about this idea. the main reason is that i know i am allergic to long haired cats and sometimes i get a reaction around short haired cats as well. mostly around more than one. i was worried when we got winnie since she has long hair but i am fine with her. so saturday off we go to the spca. there are tons of cats at the local spca. we find one we like and want to adopt so we fill out the paperwork. then they tell us they need winnie's vet records. so we have to go back on sunday. of course after being there for an hour saturday i have an allergy attack. not fun. i not only get a runny nose and sneeze my throat feels like it is closing off and it is hard to breathe. sunday we can't go back to the spca until after 12:00 noon so we grocery shop and get cat supplies. then off we go. the cat we like is there and we play with her and then we take her home. of course the cat loves me and loves to be petted. this makes winnie jealous she has to get her pets while the cat gets her pets. she even follows me around and of course winnie follows her. i can't believe i let him talk me into a cat. although he did agree if things with my allergies get bad we will get rid of the cat. i am hoping we don't have to do that but we will see.

Friday, October 24, 2008

1 AND 1

when i went to bed lat night the phillies were losing 4 to 0. while i hoped they would come back and win it wasn't to be. hopefully they will win at home where they have the advantage. our pitchers are used to swinging a bat unlike the american league pitchers. they may not be great hitters but they can at least move the runner. GO PHILLIES!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


my baby is adjusting to the move really well. the only thing that she is having a problem with is going out. she is use to us going with her and she is slowly getting use to going out alone. her other problem is that she really wants to go in the grass. unfortunately right now the only area for her to go in the back yard is not really grass. she will go because she needs to but tries to get as clos to the grass as she can. it is funny to watch her pressing up against the fence to go when we know she wants to go into the grass. this weekend if it doesn't rain we are gong to try to expand her area so she has grass.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

now for more

well the ride to work is much longer now. i am slowly going to try new ways hopefully i can get the trip down to 45 minutes instead of an hour. i cut 5 minutes off this morning and there are more ways to try. i know that it will just mean learning my way around and finding out which ways make the trip easier. the only good thing is that it is all back country roads for the most part and that helps. i just need to cut the time down and it will be ok.
boyfriends mom and sister came over with 3 of their dogs last night. that was fun they were so excited to see the house. his sister was to help us move but got called into work and had to go out of town. she can't wait until thanksgiving at our house and neither can i. the only downer is that my mom and dad can't come since my mom's surgery has been moved to the day before thanksgiving. oh well maybe next year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i am a home owner

wow what can i say about the last 4 days. friday was horrible. the mortgage company totally screwed us. they called on thursday at 4:50pm to say they could not have things ready for settlement until monday. major problem we needed to be out of our apt by sunday. after all but driving to ohio and beating people we finally made settlement friday night at 11:00 pm. yes 11:00 pm. by the time we got home we felt like we had been run over by a convoy of mack trucks. sat we picked up the moving truck and the lifting began. by 5:00 pm everything going to the house was there and we had a dresser, clothes in the closet and the kitchen unpacked. sunday we went to the apt and threw away the trash and vacuumed and wiped down the kitchen and bathrooms turned in the keys and went home to unpack some more. boyfriends desk was set up and ready for verizon and he bult our new dining table and 2 chairs. then we colasped in bed. monday i got to be bored and listen to the dog freak all day because of the verizon man and now we have phones tv and internet. there is more to do but for now we can live and unpack as we the end it is worth it all but it may take awhile for the joy to really settle in. right now we are too tired and emotionally beaten to enjoy the house. winnie is exhausted too a new place to live new smells and more space and even a back yard to run. she is adjusting well though.
more tomorrow

Thursday, October 16, 2008

less than 24 hours to settlement

the only thing left is the total amount left to bring to settlement and i should know by the end of the day. i can't wait until tomorrow i will be a home owner.
bring on the moving truck yah hoo

the phillies are going to the world series

i don't know what to be happier about at the moment. settlement tomorrow or the phillies going to the world series for the first time in 15 years. i had season tickets to the phillies for 12 years. my date for almost every game for the first 11 years was my dad. when he retired he decided to apply for a job with the phillies as an usher. so the last season i had tickets i had to find someone to go to every game with me and visited him at work. i am still a phillies fan and watch games throughout the season. now i will be watching every game of the world series hoping my favorite phils win it all. the last time they won the world series was in 1980 28 years ago. GO PHILLIES!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2 days

i am so excited. we went over to the house last night and showed boyfriend's mom, sister and brother where the house is located. they got to see the outside and all the land we have. we are both getting really excited and the days aren't passing fast enough. one more day of work and i have off for 4 days for settlement and the move. so once thursday is over i won't be back online until after tuesday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

3 days

friday is slowly creeping closer i can't wait. i feel like a six year old waiting for christmas. i am sure it will be just like christmas too. all that waiting and it will be over in a flash.
poor winnie is so confused. she sees us packing things and knows something is going on but not what. i think once she is settled she will like the move but right now she is out of sorts. she has even been have tummy trouble. she is not sick just upset over all the changes lately.

Monday, October 13, 2008

4 days

well 90% of the packing is done. i still have the bathroom and a few other things to pack and my part is done. then the fun begins. what filled my measely 4 cabinets at the apartment will look lost in the new kitchen. hopefully what took day to pack will get unpacked much faster with extra hands to help. i can't wait for friday yeah

Sunday, October 12, 2008

best laugh in years

as most of you know sarah palin dropped the cerimonial first puck at saturday nights Flyers home opening game. the fact that she dressed her youngest daughter in a flyers jersey was her atempt to keep people from booing. it did not work in a big way. they had to pipe in cheering and blast the fans with music to cover up the loudest booing ever heard at a philadelphia sporting event ever. why she would even agree in a town that is 85% or more registered democart i will never know. with a little reading anywhere she also would have known phila was banned from monday night football for booing santa and we are famous for being the worst fans for any and all sports teams we even boo our own team when they win. we are a bandwagon town and you better win or we turn our backs faster than anyone. when i heard she was going to drop the puck i wanted to watch just to see the booing. i did watch the clips online and have been laughung all day i may still be laughing for the rest of the year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

settlement in 6 days

i can't believe it now all i need is for the mortgage lady to call and confirm our final payment and i will be a happy lady. back to packing

Thursday, October 9, 2008


why am i cold? it is fall here in pa. you don't realy need the heat yet but boy is hot water a pleasure. i like a nice hot shower every morning before i go to work. this morning however there was no hot water. the ground is cold the pipes are cold the water is really cold. i had to heat water to wash my hair and i took the worlds fastest shower. jump under the water move away shiver while lathering and rinse as fast as much fun. boyfriend only washed his hair and he was shivering too. why you ask did i breve cold water for a shower?? because wed nights i go to water aerobics. even though i shower there before i leave i still can smell chlorine on my skim the next morning. so i braved the cold. to make things even more fun winnie decided today was a good day to barf. 3 times this morning. yuck!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9 days

yes that is 9 days until settlement. i packed the linen closet last night so i can scratch that off the list. friday sat and sun will be nothing but packing. i do have a really good start so it should not be too bad. friday night i will tackle the last of the tv stand. saturday i will finish the kitchen and coat closet and sunday i will finish what ever is left including the storage closet. mostly that closet is boxes but there are some tings that need to be packed. i love that settlement is no longer double digits away.

Monday, October 6, 2008

oh my god

11 days to go and i am already tired of packing. what is packed so far you ask?? my entire cedar chest full of my and boyfriend's sweaters, all of my summer clothes, half of my kitchen, 8 boxes of book from my book case, all of my vhs and dvd movies and 2/3rds of my entertainment center. i still need to pack more of the entertainment center knick knacks, our bar, another 1/4 of my kitchen, the linen closet, coat closet and the storage closet. that will get us down to the bare essentials for the last few days. i am going to try to pack some stuff on tues night and then i will pack the rest friday night, saturday and sunday. i will have lots of help the day of the move transfering the boxes and furniture and putting everything away when we get to the house. i know my mom will help set up the kitchen so that will be a big help. all of our other helpers will make sure we have a bed and the essentials moved in and unpacked so we will be finished with most of the move on sunday. monday i get to sleep in and only need to be up and dressed for verizon to set up the tv, phone and computers. hope the verizon guy doen't mind me inold comfy clothes.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

15 days to go

well i finally talked to our mortgage company rep. she is really hard to get hold of and doesn't return phone calls and emails. everything is going fine apparsal is today title work is being done and they have the insurance info. i have been trying to call her since we found out monday that we have the bank approval. it took my boyfriend calling and yelling at her to get answers. i can't wait for this to be over. this weekend is all about packing. we will be packing everything we will not be use for the next 2 weeks. which by the way is most of our stuff. last thing we will pack up is the computers and tv those we can't live without.