Sunday, October 12, 2008

best laugh in years

as most of you know sarah palin dropped the cerimonial first puck at saturday nights Flyers home opening game. the fact that she dressed her youngest daughter in a flyers jersey was her atempt to keep people from booing. it did not work in a big way. they had to pipe in cheering and blast the fans with music to cover up the loudest booing ever heard at a philadelphia sporting event ever. why she would even agree in a town that is 85% or more registered democart i will never know. with a little reading anywhere she also would have known phila was banned from monday night football for booing santa and we are famous for being the worst fans for any and all sports teams we even boo our own team when they win. we are a bandwagon town and you better win or we turn our backs faster than anyone. when i heard she was going to drop the puck i wanted to watch just to see the booing. i did watch the clips online and have been laughung all day i may still be laughing for the rest of the year.

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