Friday, March 29, 2013


hubby wants to get another dog. he went to the spca near our house and saw 1 dog he really liked. so we got the paperwork we needed and took winnie off to possibly meet a new friend. unfortunately hubby didn't put a hold on the dog and someone adopted her before we got there. we looked at a few dogs but none we liked are good with cats. so we are back to looking. hopefully we will find just the right dog to join out family it just may take few trips to the spcas in the local area and nearby counties.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the bitter sweet sound of silence

that is what i hear when i enter my house now. bitter sweet silence. winnie was trained as a puppy to not bark when we come in the door. even with gracie around if she was barking it was at gracie not us. as much as the barking could get on your nerves at times the silence that greets me when i walk in the door now takes getting use to again. i have forgotten what it was like before animals. being able to walk in the door with no greeting, barking or tripping. no one demanding attention or food or to go out. i love the greeting i get from the crew now but miss gracie's bark and excitement in some ways. she was a great watch dog. you could not walk or drive by with out her leting you know and if someone pulled in the drive or came to the door well invest in earplugs. winnie barks at the mailman and anyone at the door but she will never be as hyper and aware as gracie was. we miss her dearly.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

gracie angel

love you and miss you gracie. may 8th 2003 - march 22 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

a taste of spring

last weekend was awesome. we had weather in the 60's and i took advantage. windows were opened and the doggies and i went walking in the park. i am hoping the chilly blast this week goes away again before the coming weekend so we can go to the park again. winie barks at everyone but knows the rules and walks right next to me and while we need to stop and move to the side when others are passing us. she sits and is getting better about not barking or growling. gracie is terrible to walk with i stepped on her feet many times since she wants to zig zag everywhere and not walk where she belongs. while she doesn't bark she requires more correction while we walk. my legs were sore monday and the arm holding gracies leash. oh well here's to spring weather and more walks. maybe when my niece and nephew are at there mom's on the weekend they will join me in the park for walks and playtime.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


leo went right back to chasing the girls once he healed. chickie will play with him and has him convinced to play nice. tigger still growls. it is getting better but that means tigger hides more and comes out to play and eat when he is locked up. we have started to hit him with water from a spray bottle to stop him from bugging tigger and that is begining to work. he sees the bottle and runs away or he gets squirted. she has been coming out more now when we are home since we keep him away from her. nothing else is going on. got through christmas and the winter birthdays are almost done now all that is left is toughing it out until the weather warms up. come on spring