Thursday, September 29, 2011

and the winner is...

the new kitten. we named her chickie and she is the new queen of the house. winnie who up til now has never willingly let any other pet on the bed with us calmly lets the little stinker up with us and never bothers her. gracie is still in the oh no what did you let in the house now mode but is slowly coming around and jack and tigger have started to play with chickie a bit. vet said she is healthy and gave her shots. we still don't know how old she is but she only weighs a little over 3 pounds right now and has tried to suckle our fingers so we are guess barely weaned. it has definately been one of the weeks when i ask myself how did i end up here but i am loving my life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

the new old cat and meowing in the night

a few weeks ago we ended up getting a new old cat. jack is new to me and an old friend for my hubby. she started out as his cat then he was in a bad accident and spent months in the hospital and more in rehab and his uncle took in his cat. his uncle took a job in china for the next few years and could not take jack. she went to my mother in laws but jack hid out from her dog and needed a better home so she moved in with us. after adjusting to the move and declaring peace with our other cat tigger things have been good. last night that changed. after going to bed we were ready to go to sleep and heard meowing. loud and scared. we checked our 2 cats everyone was ok then we realised it was coming from outside. hubby went out and found a kitten in our yard. small starving and with ticks. she ran right over to hubby who brought her inside. at first we took her to the basement but that upset jack. then we decided that until she is checked out by a vet and we know the ticks are gone and she is healthy and flealess she will stay in our extra bedroom. hubby will take her this week to be checked out and make sure she is healthy then we will let her take on winnie. ps. i think the kitten will win

Friday, September 2, 2011

where did summer go ??

my favorite time of year is summer. i love the heat and even the humidity. i am never cold, layered in clothing or miserable. this summer as always went by to fast. july was so lovely and warm and august nice if a bit wet. the last few weeks of summer are fast aproaching and i am ready to start the spring count down. sniff sniff bye summer i will miss you