Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

sorry i don't make new year's resolutions. they are too easy to break. i am just hoping for a happy healthy and safe new year and hoping that the economy gets better so hubby can find a job and i can find a new one closer to home. welcome 2010!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

snow and lice

what a weekend. my neice and nephew ended up staying until sunday afternoon. saturday we stayed at the house and went outside to play in the snow for an hour or so and watched christmas movies and baked cookies the rest of the day. sunday we dug out. the digging would have been much easier and faster if the snowblower we got from my brother worked but as of today it will start then dies after 30 seconds or so. hubby and i used the shovel and were quite happy the snow was light and fluffy. the other fun was checking my niece's hair for lice. i got a call to check her head after i got back from the grocery store. why no one called my cell knowing i was grocery shopping and could have gotten stuff while at the store i don't know. she is now bug free and my house is well laundered and vacuumed

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

looking for the cat

that is what we have been doing lately. a few weeks ago i came home from work and got the usual greeting from the dogs. put my stuff away and got ready to relax before bed (this was on one of the days i work 2 jobs). my husband goes to the back door to let the dogs out and there is our cat. sitting on the patio table waiting to be let in. since no one let the cat out in the first place we are trying to figure out how she got outside. a little later my hubs figures it out. he had the fireplace going and the house got too hot so he opened the kitchen window to let some air in. the cat decided that was an escape route to the big outside. she has not been outside since but any time we even let the dogs out we check to make sure the cat has not escaped again. hubs tried to let her out after the snow this weekend but she wouldn't go. hopefully she is done escaping.

Friday, December 18, 2009

survival plans

well here in eastern pa we are getting ready for snow. 6 days before christmas. it is not often i remember a white christmas many years it has been nice weather 40's and sunny. of course i made plans to baby sit / steal me neice and nephew over night at my house this weekend. needless to say they may both get christmas presents early thanks to the weather. good thing i bought them boots and snowpants they may be usefull this weekend. now i need to prepare to be snowed in. i am going to go food shopping after dinner and then be able to not leave my house other than to play if the weatherman is right. worse part about the snow braving the grocery store. why extactly do people shop like they may never see food again when snow is coming? it is not like they are predicting the next ice age just snow. it will be cleared up and the roads open within days yet i see people fighting over bread ( really easy to make at home) and gallons of milk that expire in a week. if you won't drink that much in a normal week why would it disappear faster because it is going to snow?? if anyone out there can answer these questions let me know. i am sure if i lived in an area where it snows all the time i would not see this. so why do people who only see snow for a few weeks of the year panic and buy enough food for months to survive a few days.

Friday, December 4, 2009


the crazy dog. she starts out every night under the bed. at some point she moves up on the bed by our feet. once the alarm goes off all bets are off. she wants to snuggle every morning. this morning hubs and i are cuddled up trying to face getting out of bed. winnie is not happy since she is not in between us. she pokes wriggles and squeases her way between us. if that is not bad enough she wants to be petted and have her belly rubbed. at the same time she is trying to lick us. i am sure if she didn't wiggle in to get her snuggles we would be happy to fall back to sleep but she is the 2nd alarm every morning.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

december already

well time is flying by latly. too much going on and no answers to important questions is the state i'm in.

it is cookie baking season in my house. i have the tv set up and my movies ready and 4 kinds of cookies baked. still 10 or 12 more kinds to go but i am hoping to knock out at least 4 or 5 more kinds this weekend.

flo has been wreaking havoc in my life latly. i skipped in sept. she came for 18 yes 18 days, left for 6 and returned for another 14. i have been to the doctors since i freaked over the length and severity. he sent me for blood tests. i go next tuesday for the test results. doctor is unsure if i miscarried or there is a hormone imbalance. oh boy some fun huh.

not much else is going on i am selling things on ebay from my uncles house. it is up for sale and fairly well cleaned out. one more trip for the last few things and i won't have to feel my heart break walking into the house any more. cleaning it out and just being there hurts. i can't wait for it to be gone at least then i won't have to walk inside and face the memories and regrets.