Friday, December 18, 2009

survival plans

well here in eastern pa we are getting ready for snow. 6 days before christmas. it is not often i remember a white christmas many years it has been nice weather 40's and sunny. of course i made plans to baby sit / steal me neice and nephew over night at my house this weekend. needless to say they may both get christmas presents early thanks to the weather. good thing i bought them boots and snowpants they may be usefull this weekend. now i need to prepare to be snowed in. i am going to go food shopping after dinner and then be able to not leave my house other than to play if the weatherman is right. worse part about the snow braving the grocery store. why extactly do people shop like they may never see food again when snow is coming? it is not like they are predicting the next ice age just snow. it will be cleared up and the roads open within days yet i see people fighting over bread ( really easy to make at home) and gallons of milk that expire in a week. if you won't drink that much in a normal week why would it disappear faster because it is going to snow?? if anyone out there can answer these questions let me know. i am sure if i lived in an area where it snows all the time i would not see this. so why do people who only see snow for a few weeks of the year panic and buy enough food for months to survive a few days.

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