Tuesday, December 22, 2009

looking for the cat

that is what we have been doing lately. a few weeks ago i came home from work and got the usual greeting from the dogs. put my stuff away and got ready to relax before bed (this was on one of the days i work 2 jobs). my husband goes to the back door to let the dogs out and there is our cat. sitting on the patio table waiting to be let in. since no one let the cat out in the first place we are trying to figure out how she got outside. a little later my hubs figures it out. he had the fireplace going and the house got too hot so he opened the kitchen window to let some air in. the cat decided that was an escape route to the big outside. she has not been outside since but any time we even let the dogs out we check to make sure the cat has not escaped again. hubs tried to let her out after the snow this weekend but she wouldn't go. hopefully she is done escaping.

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