Wednesday, December 23, 2009

snow and lice

what a weekend. my neice and nephew ended up staying until sunday afternoon. saturday we stayed at the house and went outside to play in the snow for an hour or so and watched christmas movies and baked cookies the rest of the day. sunday we dug out. the digging would have been much easier and faster if the snowblower we got from my brother worked but as of today it will start then dies after 30 seconds or so. hubby and i used the shovel and were quite happy the snow was light and fluffy. the other fun was checking my niece's hair for lice. i got a call to check her head after i got back from the grocery store. why no one called my cell knowing i was grocery shopping and could have gotten stuff while at the store i don't know. she is now bug free and my house is well laundered and vacuumed

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