Thursday, December 3, 2009

december already

well time is flying by latly. too much going on and no answers to important questions is the state i'm in.

it is cookie baking season in my house. i have the tv set up and my movies ready and 4 kinds of cookies baked. still 10 or 12 more kinds to go but i am hoping to knock out at least 4 or 5 more kinds this weekend.

flo has been wreaking havoc in my life latly. i skipped in sept. she came for 18 yes 18 days, left for 6 and returned for another 14. i have been to the doctors since i freaked over the length and severity. he sent me for blood tests. i go next tuesday for the test results. doctor is unsure if i miscarried or there is a hormone imbalance. oh boy some fun huh.

not much else is going on i am selling things on ebay from my uncles house. it is up for sale and fairly well cleaned out. one more trip for the last few things and i won't have to feel my heart break walking into the house any more. cleaning it out and just being there hurts. i can't wait for it to be gone at least then i won't have to walk inside and face the memories and regrets.

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