Monday, November 16, 2009

so where have i been??

no where really. just trying to deal with life lately. flo left and came back a week later. at least this time she came when due and should be gone again soon. hopefully putting everything back to normal in that area. my uncles house is cleaned out for the most part and up for sale. this really breaks my heart since the house has been in the family since the 1950's. i am really sad to see it go. we still have not heard how much his stock and pension are worth and no check so far which is really starting to annoy me. my parents lawyer needs to earn his fee and soon. hubby and i are going to start trying for a baby again. if i am not prego by january i will see the doctor and move onto the next step.

last but not least hubby and i went to a party at a friends house saturday night. this was just the thing to brighten our moods. he was not sure he wanted to go and decided at the last minute yeah lets go. of course the easiest way to get there we can't use because the road is shut down because of an accident. so we took the long way and then didn't get home until almost 4 am. little by little i am getting to know his friends and i had such a blast hanging out with everyone. of course most of them had not heard we had gotten married so it was fun to suprise a few people. the ones who heard were very happy for us and it is great to see how happy his friends are for us. ( he is the last of the group to get married) hopefully this winter we can have everyone at our house for a party and we can rock out our basement. (he and his friends were in a band when younger)

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