Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the bitter sweet sound of silence

that is what i hear when i enter my house now. bitter sweet silence. winnie was trained as a puppy to not bark when we come in the door. even with gracie around if she was barking it was at gracie not us. as much as the barking could get on your nerves at times the silence that greets me when i walk in the door now takes getting use to again. i have forgotten what it was like before animals. being able to walk in the door with no greeting, barking or tripping. no one demanding attention or food or to go out. i love the greeting i get from the crew now but miss gracie's bark and excitement in some ways. she was a great watch dog. you could not walk or drive by with out her leting you know and if someone pulled in the drive or came to the door well invest in earplugs. winnie barks at the mailman and anyone at the door but she will never be as hyper and aware as gracie was. we miss her dearly.

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