Thursday, October 9, 2008


why am i cold? it is fall here in pa. you don't realy need the heat yet but boy is hot water a pleasure. i like a nice hot shower every morning before i go to work. this morning however there was no hot water. the ground is cold the pipes are cold the water is really cold. i had to heat water to wash my hair and i took the worlds fastest shower. jump under the water move away shiver while lathering and rinse as fast as much fun. boyfriend only washed his hair and he was shivering too. why you ask did i breve cold water for a shower?? because wed nights i go to water aerobics. even though i shower there before i leave i still can smell chlorine on my skim the next morning. so i braved the cold. to make things even more fun winnie decided today was a good day to barf. 3 times this morning. yuck!!!!

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