Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i am a home owner

wow what can i say about the last 4 days. friday was horrible. the mortgage company totally screwed us. they called on thursday at 4:50pm to say they could not have things ready for settlement until monday. major problem we needed to be out of our apt by sunday. after all but driving to ohio and beating people we finally made settlement friday night at 11:00 pm. yes 11:00 pm. by the time we got home we felt like we had been run over by a convoy of mack trucks. sat we picked up the moving truck and the lifting began. by 5:00 pm everything going to the house was there and we had a dresser, clothes in the closet and the kitchen unpacked. sunday we went to the apt and threw away the trash and vacuumed and wiped down the kitchen and bathrooms turned in the keys and went home to unpack some more. boyfriends desk was set up and ready for verizon and he bult our new dining table and 2 chairs. then we colasped in bed. monday i got to be bored and listen to the dog freak all day because of the verizon man and now we have phones tv and internet. there is more to do but for now we can live and unpack as we go.in the end it is worth it all but it may take awhile for the joy to really settle in. right now we are too tired and emotionally beaten to enjoy the house. winnie is exhausted too a new place to live new smells and more space and even a back yard to run. she is adjusting well though.
more tomorrow

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