Wednesday, October 22, 2008

now for more

well the ride to work is much longer now. i am slowly going to try new ways hopefully i can get the trip down to 45 minutes instead of an hour. i cut 5 minutes off this morning and there are more ways to try. i know that it will just mean learning my way around and finding out which ways make the trip easier. the only good thing is that it is all back country roads for the most part and that helps. i just need to cut the time down and it will be ok.
boyfriends mom and sister came over with 3 of their dogs last night. that was fun they were so excited to see the house. his sister was to help us move but got called into work and had to go out of town. she can't wait until thanksgiving at our house and neither can i. the only downer is that my mom and dad can't come since my mom's surgery has been moved to the day before thanksgiving. oh well maybe next year.

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