Monday, October 6, 2008

oh my god

11 days to go and i am already tired of packing. what is packed so far you ask?? my entire cedar chest full of my and boyfriend's sweaters, all of my summer clothes, half of my kitchen, 8 boxes of book from my book case, all of my vhs and dvd movies and 2/3rds of my entertainment center. i still need to pack more of the entertainment center knick knacks, our bar, another 1/4 of my kitchen, the linen closet, coat closet and the storage closet. that will get us down to the bare essentials for the last few days. i am going to try to pack some stuff on tues night and then i will pack the rest friday night, saturday and sunday. i will have lots of help the day of the move transfering the boxes and furniture and putting everything away when we get to the house. i know my mom will help set up the kitchen so that will be a big help. all of our other helpers will make sure we have a bed and the essentials moved in and unpacked so we will be finished with most of the move on sunday. monday i get to sleep in and only need to be up and dressed for verizon to set up the tv, phone and computers. hope the verizon guy doen't mind me inold comfy clothes.

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