Tuesday, October 28, 2008


yes that needs to be capitalized. this past weekend was our first alone in our new home. home such a nice word. anyway my boyfriend has been talking about getting a cat since we started the process of buying a house. now that we have a house he has talked all week about getting a cat. i was not excited about this idea. the main reason is that i know i am allergic to long haired cats and sometimes i get a reaction around short haired cats as well. mostly around more than one. i was worried when we got winnie since she has long hair but i am fine with her. so saturday off we go to the spca. there are tons of cats at the local spca. we find one we like and want to adopt so we fill out the paperwork. then they tell us they need winnie's vet records. so we have to go back on sunday. of course after being there for an hour saturday i have an allergy attack. not fun. i not only get a runny nose and sneeze my throat feels like it is closing off and it is hard to breathe. sunday we can't go back to the spca until after 12:00 noon so we grocery shop and get cat supplies. then off we go. the cat we like is there and we play with her and then we take her home. of course the cat loves me and loves to be petted. this makes winnie jealous she has to get her pets while the cat gets her pets. she even follows me around and of course winnie follows her. i can't believe i let him talk me into a cat. although he did agree if things with my allergies get bad we will get rid of the cat. i am hoping we don't have to do that but we will see.

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