Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day 3 of the rampage

the cat has been a terror lately. after spending most of saturday hiding she is making up for lost time. she is climbing the screen to the sliders. fishing things out of the garbage disposal, knocking things on the floor and trying to get into the left over cake in the cake box. just closing the box is no longer enough. when i finally got home last night i found the cake box taped shut with duct tape. seems husband spent most of monday chasing her away from the box and picking up plates and napkins she knocked on the floor. even after taping the box closed she was still trying to get to the cake by poking her arm inbetween pieces of tape. my job tonight after dinner cut up the cake and store in the fridge. maybe then the cat will calm down. probably not since there are 2 dogs to annoy but one can hope.

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