Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the cat

she turned 1 in august and may not live to see 2. she has been really crazy lately. so far she attaacks your feet any time you step into our basement. most of the time this is right after nearly knocking you down the stairs when you open the door and go 2 or 3 steps down. we got a pop up dog crate. the dogs will not even step foot in it. the cat however loves it. she sits just inside taunting the dogs, she tries to sit on top but it collapes. she also gets inside and rolls the pop up crate at the dogs. this is when she is not having a stare down, walking up to one of the dogs and hitting them and annoying them so they will chase her. yesterday was the topper. my husband needed a haircut. so we get out the clippers and leave the door open the dogs come outside and so does tigger. i rescue the cat from where the dogs pinned her down half way through the haircut. when we are done we realise the cat is not in the yard. after 1/2 and hour of wandering the neighborhood we finally spy her in the woods behind our house. our house in the side of a hill. we hike up the hill then chase her aroung in the sticker bushes for another 1/2 hour until finally she gets to a place where my husband can pounce on her. he comes out of the bushes with mad cat in tow and blood running down his arms and legs. if she wasn't so cute she might be looking for a new home right about now.

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jennster said...

lol- this is why cats are evil.
thank you so much for your comment on my blog. i really appreciate it. and it's keeping me sane. i think. lol