Thursday, March 4, 2010


long time no see or write. let's see what has been going on lately?? we had more snow. not a lot just annoying. my sister in law had a baby during the storm. emergency c-section but everyone is OK and home doing well. baby is an adorable little peanut who graced me with burps, a rather large messy poo and several sneezes complete with snot flying everywhere. a newborn trifecta. good thing i have had lots of practice with my brothers 2 kids. my nephew's birthday is Sunday and his party is Friday night. since my brother and soon to be ex are fighting i am the only one from my side going to the party his mom is throwing. it makes me sad they can't work together and have a nice party for my nephew like they did for my niece. i am making him a dexter's laboratory cake for monday and we are having pizza for dinner at his request. yummy!! the party well that may be a story for monday. my soon to be ex sister in law's boyfriend and his kids will be there. i have no idea how that will go. i know she is thrilled i am going to be there and will finally meet the new guy but it will also be weird for me. i hope to enjoy playing with my niece and nephew for a bit and then picking up my dinner. that will be the best part pf chang's for dinner i will be drooling all day. wish me luck

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