Monday, December 1, 2008

monday again

well i had a nice restful weekend to recover from thursday. sat i got up and spent the entire day in my pj's. i did very little mostly playing a game on the computer and it was great. sun i did get dressed and went to the market. after that i baked m&m cookies and snickerdoodles yummy! so now i have 3 kinds of cookies baked only 8 more kinds to go. 2 are cheater cookies so they are easy and i will try to get the peanut butter done this weekend leaving only cookies in single or double batches after that. i normally baked 4 batches of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies but since the cookies are at my house the 6' tall mouse known for eating a double batch of cookies at my mom's will be cut off i am only baking 3 batches this year. maybe he won't complain in january his pants don't fit. i still need to find time to finish my shopping and the last of the shopping my mom needs done. oh well it will all get done. i will bring my christmas cards to work and get them done and i only need a few more things to finish up. 24 days to go yikes!!

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