Monday, December 22, 2008

santa came

yes he has visited the how did i end up here household already with more coming today and more on thursday. so far santa brought a mirrored hall tree with storage bench. the grinch already put it together and it is by our front door. some time today our new toy a wood fireplace insert will be arriving. then thursday is christmas lots of presents and family. his and mine all in one day. friday i will be home resting and watching movies. merry christmas all if i don't get a chance to blog again before christmas.
now for a winnie story. yesterday i got our tree. the first one in our new house. it is all decorated. winnie and tigger decided they were going to work together. so i come out of the bedroom this morning to find winnie chewing on the remains of a glass christmas ball ornament and tigger trying to climb the tree. i clean up the broken ball pieces and walk in the kitchen to find another ornament on the floor and the fake popcorn / cranberry garland as well. now i will have to keep the 2 monsters from undecorating the tree and destrying the ornaments.

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