Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday again

well this week is slowly going by. having a 3 day weekend even if i was sick makes this week feel even longer.our newest dog gracie was a bit nervous last night. every time one of us moved she jumped up and would run around. she kept scaring winnie who was trying to sleep. there must have been thunder in the area. we didn't notice but she must have heard it. i must say if anyone told me that i would live on an acre and a half of ground and have 2 dogs and a cat i would have laughed and said not me. see i have a confession. until getting winnie i was afraid of dogs. they made me very nervous and i hated when they would bark, jump at me or lick me. most of that goes back to an incident when i was a toddler and a dog jumped into the playpen i was in at the time. i grew up around a few dogs but never spending any real time with one to get over my fear. now i must say I LOVE MY DOGS !! having them has been the best experience and i wish i could have had one sooner. i love my boyfriend for so many things and i am ever grateful to him for convincing me to get a dog. i don't think i will ever not have one around again. when i talked to boyfriend about taking gracie from my brother and sister-in-law because they were spliting up i was suprised at how fast he agreed to take her even though he had never even seen the dog
before. i must say we have quite a little family going. i can't wait to add to the bunch.

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