Tuesday, August 5, 2008

while we wait a weekend update

on sunday i drove to my parents house in the late afternoon and picked up my niece and nephew along the way. we picked out our dinner order and went to the pool. we planned a late afternoon and dinner there because it was raft night. on sunday tuesday and thursday they allow rafts in the pool for 2 hours. since my niece and nephew rarely get to stay for raft night we made plans. we had the best time swimming and playing until dinner then sandwiches (won from a local deli at the penny party) and then it was raft night. the last 10 minutes before we could take the rafts in were tough for us all. then we floated and flipped each other and stole each others rafts. it was so much fun the kids had a blast flipping me off of my raft and making me chase them to get it back. of course i had fun stealing their rafts as well. even my parents got in on the fun my dad was stealing and flipping as well and my mom floated around and even got a few pictures.fun fun fun

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