Wednesday, August 13, 2008

winnie the bad dog

back in may and june my boyfriend was out of work. while he was home winnie would sleep most of the day. when he went back to work we decided to stop crating winnie while we are at work. for the first month she was really good. no accidents on the floor and no messes to clean up. that changed around the begining of august. she has started destoying things. at first it was old empty cd cases or an old cd for the computer. we would move or block her access to the items and she would poke her way in or find others to chew. then the first friday in august i come home and boyfriend says she got into the cases again and found something new to destroy. what do ask did she find? a box of condoms. they where shreded all over the floor. she must have tried to chew one and ate it. the next day i take her out to go and she pees no big deal then she has to poo. so she goes and she stayes in the poo crouch, then she waddles a bit, and crouches some more. i look over and there is poo hanging half way down her but attached to something she is still trying to pass. so she crouches and waddles for 5 minutes and finally more poo comes out. i bend over to pick it up and realise she has just pooped out a condom. oh the joy of owning a dog

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