Monday, August 18, 2008

monday again

for many years i worked a retail job. the hours were long and i busted my ass every day. luckily i had a really great boss who let me take extra time if i needed it and let me take 2 days in a row most weeks. because it was retail i had to work every saturday. that i could live with but i really hated to work sundays. since i only had to work one a month and was the head manger i could pick and choose when i worked a sunday. my other day off every week was monday. i loved having mondays off. i could do everything i needed to for the week. shopping, banking, baby sitting for my niece and nephew what ever needed to be done on monday. the best part it could be done fast. i mean fast what takes all day sunday to do now that i have an office job would take maybe 2 hours tops on mondays. that is the one thing i miss most about retail. i don't think i could go back to retail but i do miss mondays off.

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