Tuesday, August 26, 2008


winnie lets me sleep in. for her that means not waking me up until 1/4 to seven. i take her out in my pj's figuring she will pee and we will return to bed. she had other ideas. she did pee then saw someone parking there car and heading to the beach. she starts barking and running across my uncles yard and the nieghbors yard, across the sidewalk and the street to bark up close at this person. he just kept on walking. she sees me coming and runs in the the field across the street knowing i am mad at her. then i step on nettles in the grass. i am now really mad. she starts to run by me but gets one stuck in her foot too. i tried to grab her and she runs to the back door and waits for me to get there. as soon as i open the door she runs in and hides knowing she is in trouble. i am wake now so i give up on going back to sleep and decide i am hungry. there is an awesome bakery 1 and 1/2 blocks from my uncle's house so i get dressed and put winnie on her leash and off we go for donuts. oh so yummy donuts. they hit the spot for breakfast for everyone as they slowly got up. when everyone was ready we left the dogs at the house and hit the boardwalk. we got candy for my parents and played games and wandered home stopping in stores and checking out the craft fair. we also stopped for lunch at my favorite pizza place. after that we went to the beach for some sun and surf before showering and heading home. it was a wonderful weekend with lots of good frinds and fun was had by all.

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