Friday, August 29, 2008

house update

well settlement has been pushed until october. the seller just got her paperwork to the bank for short selling the house. we thought it was sent in at the beginning of august. needless to say we where not happy to find out she just sent in the paperwork. now we have to wait for the bank to approve the sale. all we seem to do is hurry up and wait. i want my house. now we are waiting for the bank to asign a negotiator and make a decision. we can't even get our mortgage paperwork approved until the bank approves the sale. our mortgage company has the pre approval and all of the paperwork we need to submit and has had it for 2 weeks. this is just so furstraing i want to scream. we had so hoped to be out of our apt by sept 30. oh well hopefully a nice quiet 3 day weekend will help.

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