Tuesday, September 2, 2008

more house

and other stuff. as of right now i don't have any clue when we are making settlement. so i am freaking out. we can't put notice in for our apt until we get bank approval and they haven't even assigned anyone to the case. as an added bonus the seller now has a lawyer. making my freak out worse is the fact that i am either pmsing or pregnant. no i have not taken a test yet since i am not late yet. frustrating not being sure when you will get your period every moth makes getting pregnant a bit harder. also makes taking a test unreliable until i am really late. when is late around 35 days, where am i you ask day 25. my normal range is 22 to 26 days. i am so tempted to test anyway. should i??????

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Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

I am sorry to hear about the house nightmare. That sucks :(

Don't test yet...wait til the weekend and good luck!