Tuesday, September 9, 2008


things here have been out of control. last week was pms sorry no baby we will try again this month. to make my life even more emotional we had to make a last minute change and go with another mortgage company. we now have an even better deal and are not going to have to back out of the house deal. we also got to go through the house again. so while we are still waiting for bank approval we are at least ready to go. i know i am giving the bare minimum of details but last week was too emotional to go into fully.
on a better note i did get to spend friday night with my dad's 2 brothers and 2 of my cousin's that i have not seen in years. i wish they were in town for a better reason but i was glad i got to see them and their kids. my brother and nephew also went to see everyone. b loved meeting his 2nd cousins and playing in my uncle's pool with them. it is rare we all get together and since i haven't seen one of my cousins in 5 years and the other for at least 12 it was a real treat for me. after much laughing and catching up i finally got home around 10:30 pm.

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