Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11/08 43 years and counting

while the world is remembering the tragedy of the world trade center my family is marking 2 other occations today. first today is my parents 43rd wedding anniversary and it is also my cousins birthday. these 2 events came way before 9/11/01 and for us mean so much more. while 9/11 is now a day where everyone stops to remember what happened, most people who know my parents also now seem to have an easier time remembering their anniversary.i am sure things are the same for my cousin. no one will ever forget 9/11 and they seem to remember that friends happy days are marked by this event as well. i am more impressed that they have been married as along as they have and are still happily married. so happy birthday david and happy anniversary mom and dad love you all

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