Monday, October 5, 2009

winnie and tigger

ok hubby and i are ready to fatten our dog winnie back up. over the spring she had lyme disease and had trouble with her one leg. she laid around and ate so she got too fat. we have put her on a diet through the vet's office and she has lost close to 5 pounds. this of course means she is back to her bad self. instead of laying around and sleeping she doesn't know what to get into next. every morning she steals one of hubby's shoes and pulls out the inner sole. runs around the house barking at every little noise. stands up on her hind legs reaches up on the dresser, pulls the cover forward and runs off with anything that gets into her reach. this means unerwear, towels, shirts, socks and papers. all trash cans must be at least 3 feet off the floor or she dumps them over. on sunday she reached up on the kitchen counter and pulled the towel forward to knock the marro bones off and gobbled them up. when she can't reach things she gets help from the cat. tigger will poke her paws into anything on the stove. yes even if it is hot. sunday afternoon i stuffed a small chicken for dinner. it came with innards which i boiled and was going to cut up as a treat for the dogs. tigger fished them out of the pot of hot water one by one rolled them around on the counter and onto the floor for the dogs to enjoy early.
winnie still needs to loose about 5 more pounds heaven help me when she does i may loose my sanity from all the trouble she will find to get into then.

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