Tuesday, October 13, 2009


well the clean out has begun. between bags of trash and stuff to sell we have barely made a dent in the work to be done at my uncles house. i am going down this weekend with my parents and brother for another session of cleaning and trash.

winnie and tigger are continuing their partnership in crime. winnie has gotten hold of one of my books and torn the cover and tigger decided to check out our dinner Sunday night hot out of the oven. tigger also has been draging around the bell on a string from one of her toys her favorite place to leave the bell is in the garbage disposal.

i am still late but the test i took was negative. if i am pregnant i will be really suprised. oh well we will find out in a few weeks. i think it is from stress since this has happened before during stressful times so we shall see. ( yes i have only taken one for now )

not much else is going on. hubby is happily reading wood burning forums and gleefully lighting a fire in the wood stove every night. i am sure by spring he will be ready for a break again but right now he is having a blast.

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jennster said...

my gf just took like 4 p tests that were all negative.. then she got a positive one like a week later or something. CRAZY! GOOD LUCK! :)