Thursday, October 29, 2009

the cat , the dog and the pop up crate

tigger loves the pop up crate, she hides inside, jumps on it and naps all the way in the back. winnie has gotten braver lately and has been going all the way in the crate. the other night i was cleaning up the dishes and i see winnie quickly backing out of the crate. i also notices tigger is being dragged out on her back. i am all ready to yell at winnie for being too rough with tigger when i realise that tigger's mouth is clamped on winnie's throat and her 2 front paws are on winnie's jaws. the cat who is 1/4 of winnie's size is beating her up. i am now laughing like crazy as tigger drops her hold on winnie and runs and hides. a little while later tigger is hiding next to the tv the other dog gracie comes out of the kitchen and tigger runs at her leaps up lands on her head and jumps off landing on the other side of gracie. poor gracie just freezes and tigger reaches up and swats at gracies nose. sometimes i think tigger thinks she is a dog and a bully as well.

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