Thursday, October 1, 2009

how did i end up on the rollercoaster???

up until the begining of september my life was more like the merry-go-round. the horses have thier stride life goes up and down in gentle rolling hills sort of like cruise control. then WHAM!!!! next thing i know turmoil. i have known my uncle was dying for a while. his going hit me hard anyway. 4 days after one of the happiest days of my life to one of the saddest. now the really hard part the aftermath. my uncle left a HUGE! HUGE! HUGE! mess. unpaid bills, more crap crammed into his house than a family of 4 could use in a year, spoiled food, junk everywhere and don't even ask how dirty the house is. my mom is stuck with the worst part the bills and estate stuff. Now we have to straighten out his affairs and hope that in the end we can keep his house. my mom thinks we may have to sell i want to rent the house and use the cottage out back for vacations and weekends at the beach. slowly i think my mom is coming around to the renting idea. it makes sense for everyone. the house would be occupied year round and less work for us and we would still be able to enjoy the beach, as an added plus renting would also cover the taxes for the house.while i love rollercoasters and i know this one will end, it would have been nice to be more prepared for the sudden shift.
PS to make things even more interesting I AM LATE. no we have not been trying lately so who knows.


jennster said...

oh man! i love the idea of renting the place out.. especially if it works and makes sense for you all financially. :) that would be a nice little blessing, right?

the other stuff? ick. i feel for you.

late huh? OMG! :)

Becky said...

late?! wow.

and i agree. renting it out i think is a great idea!

Mocha Dad said...

Life sends us many challenges. We're up one day and down the next. We have to make the most of the highs and deal the lows as quickly as possible.